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    Apple Limited Warranty and JUMP!

      I purchased a physically faulty iPhone 6 two months ago, and I plan on getting it repaired or replaced by Apple in several weeks or so. What I am concerned about, however, is that if I were to get a different phone to use from Apple, will my phone still be eligible for my JUMP! plan and it's Premium Handset Protection?


      Thank you all for your help.

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          Someone had something happen in the past with getting a phone replacement via Apple making them ineligible with JUMP.


          I'd recommend contacting T-Force via Social Media to see if there's anything that has to happen before you do the Apple warranty.  At least this way it will also be documented in your account as you try to JUMP.


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            Hello m4xw311!


            Rhiannon with T-Force here and firstly I would like to say that I am glad Apple will be taking care of getting your replacement. Regarding your device and it remaining eligible for JUMP! and being covered under Premium Handset Protection, it absolutely will be. With T-Mobile we guarantee coverage with both programs as long as your SIM card is in the device and it registers on our network. Great question, I appreciate that you are reaching out a head of time to ensure your phone will remain protected


            Thank you smplyunprdctble for your response- it's always appreciated.