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    Several people that I know who are using the S6 and S6 edge on tmobile are having the same issue.  If you click on the data usage how much is showing as Android OS?  Mine is using 50-100MB's of data in the background a day.  Some days more.  I am not able to block the background data unless I root the phone.  Over the course of a month this adds up.  If it was a normal app I could block or uninstall it.  Anyone know how to fix this excess data usage?

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        Hello! That much per day can certainly add up quickly. Often, other applications can still cause your system to use more data. Have you tried to uninstall any unused or unwanted ones at all?

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            Yes, I did a software reset on my phone and still having the issues.  This has been going on since the OS 5.1.1 update.  Just checked my wife's S6.  She has used almost 500MBs of "Android OS" data on mobile network since Aug 3rd.  My wife and I have different apps installed and not configured the same.  There was a big spike today along with my phone.  This happens every week.  I am very surprised more people haven't noticed their data usage.  I have check my usage on support website and this has gone against my data today.   I agree it is a software that is hiding in the data of Android OS but I think it is specific to t mobile. 

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                Disabling "Google Settings > Security > Improve harmful app detection" fixed the problem for me.

                When I disabled my Android OS went from averaging about 2-5MB an hour to .1 or .2 MB an hour.  Looking into this option it appears it is more for google to track usage of apps and less about harmful app detection.  Not a problem for people on wifi all day.  But very annoying and I hope this helps others save their mobile data. 

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              I Have the same problem with my new galaxy S6, I did Disable"Google Settings > Security > Improve harmful app detection but no luck, T-Mobile destroyed this awesome phone by adding too many garbage programs that suck data, I will return my phone to T-mobile and switch to different provider

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                All my sync accounts are turned off still my android OS on my galaxy S6 using too much data, my coworker has galaxy S6 unlocked version SM-G920F on his phone android OS data was 4Mb for 20 days use.

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                    I can't remember if it was the HTC Sensation or the Samsung Galaxy SII, but one of the devices had something going on that it would continuously Facebook Sync (even if I had turned it off) because it was linked in my phone (through the default stuff in the OS, not through the Facebook app -- I didn't have that installed at the time of my testing).  It was eating 50-100MB/day.


                    When I factory reset and didn't connect any social media options for contacts, I wasn't getting my data eaten.

                      • Disabling "Google Settings > Security did not work for me after all.  Phone is still using 20-50mbs a day for "Android OS".  Very disappointed that half my monthly data goes to something I cant stop unless i turn off cell data all together. 

                        Syncing / backup can increase your usage but that is not my problem.  I have factory wiped my phone twice and slowing loaded options back on.  for me the android OS only uses the data on Cell tower does not consume as much when connect to wifi.  It also uses data when other apps are using lots of data.  Like it is tracking and uploading what those apps are doing.   Hoping someone comes up with a solution.