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    MMS Issue on iPhone 6

      So my fiancee and I recently switched to T-Mobile. Loving the unlimited data an lower bill, but we're having a huge, potentially deal-breaker problem that needs to be solved.


      My fiancee has an iPhone 6 previously on AT&T; we got it unlocked and ported her old number with no issue.


      To eliminate any possible issue with configuration or old settings, I completely reset the iPhone to factory default, and did NOT restore the iCloud backup. It's on iOS 8.4.


      Unfortunately, the iPhone is having trouble with receiving and sometimes sending MMS messages (mainly pictures & group messages involving non-iPhones). I'd say 75%-80% of MMS messages are dropped or fail to send, from any and all phones that try.


      I'm very technically inclined so advanced troubleshooting with phones is familiar territory for me, but the iPhone's simplicity makes what I can do on the phone limited. Here are the steps I've taken so far:


      -I manually entered the iPhone APN settings from the T-Mobile, and reset the APN settings multiple times.

      -I have cycled the iMessage, MMS, & Group message settings on and off multiple times by a T-Mobile rep.

      -I have waited a couple of weeks to allow the porting process to complete from AT&T as suggested by a T-Mobile rep.

      -I have scoured the internet for any and all possibilities on how to fix this issue.


      At this point, I'm 99.999% certain this is an issue with the T-Mobile network. I would like to get in touch with an engineer or someone with the power to do advanced troubleshooting & diagnostics on her line. Here are some of the things I was thinking of (having no knowledge of cellular network configuration...just general thoughts):

      -T-Mobile needs to verify that the number has been completely ported from AT&T and that all MMS data is routed to T-Mobile 100%.

      -T-Mobile needs to verify that the device and line are registered properly on the network.

      -T-Mobile may need to completely remove, reset, and re-register all configuration & registration data for the device and the line.

      -T-Mobile may need to request that AT&T completely remove and un-register the device and line from their network.


      I would appreciate a direct response from an engineer or administrator in order to expedite a solution. We cannot continue to use T-Mobile if my fiancee's iPhone cannot receive or send MMS messages properly 99% of the time.


      Please don't make me go back to AT&T....