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    TM-AC1900 issues - looking for troubleshooting guide and firmware?

      I've been having some intermittent connection issues with my TM-AC1900 cellspot router.

      When the issue occurs, the router shows that it is connected to the internet, but no clients can access the external web.


      If I use the troubleshooting in the router GUI, I can use the ping and other network checks and it confirms it can ping the IP address of external sites, so it looks like the connection is good. Wired and wireless clients can connect to the router, but neither can visit external addresses. Is it possible this issue is related to one of the items fixed in recent firmware upgrades? Could it be related to a DNS issue?


      I'd like to update the router firmware to the latest version as described in multiple places in this forum, but I cannot find any reference to a valid download location for the firmware. There is a dedicated page describing the details of:


      However, I can't find this file on either T-mobile OR ASUS.


      I'm also looking for a detailed troubleshooting guide that could help me step through some debug steps. I've tried the 'intro debugging' found on the troubleshoot page for the TM-AC1900 (see below) and I've reached the 'contact us' point. HELP!! Thanks in advance.

      Can't access the Internet

      1. Make sure of the following:
        • The router and modem are plugged in.
        • The WAN and LAND lights are illuminated on the router.
        • The computer or connected device is connected to the correct network.
        • Your network is setup properly. To find steps, check out How to set up your Wi-Fi CellSpot Router.
      2. Restart the connecting device.
      3. Retry accessing the Internet.
      4. If you are still having this issue, contact us.