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    Attaching USB Drive Breaks DSL WAN Login

      I have a CellSpot Router (which I love), and recently connected a Western Digital My Book 500GB USB hard drive to it, and enabled DLNA and FTP sharing on the drive through the router's setup menu.


      Everything works great, until the router gets powered down, and powers up again with the USB drive connected. I am then unable to log into the internet (connect to the WAN, I believe is the correct term). I get a wifi signal, and it shows to be connected to the Internet, but I can never get Internet access via either a PC connected to the router by Ethernet cable, or through a phone, tablet or laptop connected wirelessly.


      If I unplug the USB drive and restart the CellSpot router, then I get internet access again. And once the router reboots, I can plug the drive back into the USB 2.0 connector, and it works fine, until the router is powered down again. Then the only way to get Internet access again is to unplug the USB drive, restart the router, and then plug the USB drive back in. If I do this, both the drive and the internet access again work fine.


      I am using Centurylink DSL, with an Actiontec Q1000 router, with the Q1000 in bridged mode. So the Cellspot router is handling the WAN login, NAT and DHCP server functions. But it is almost acting like it is not logging into the WAN when the USB drive is attached.


      Any ideas on how to go about solving this problem?