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    Zinger battery draining.

      My ZTE Zinger battery seems to drain fast.  Most of that use shows for "Phone idle" in the battery info section (61%).  I have Wi-Fi on (13%) and Screen has used 15%.  Bluetooth is currently off, though I did have it on for a while.  I think I have not used data to speak of, and I have Google turned off, I think, but I've never used a phone with a data plan before, so I am a little vague on those settings.  I've heard that some phones have had problems with draining the battery down quickly, so I am wondering if there is something I need to do to preserve battery life when the phone is not being used.


      I also notice that when it is plugged in (either plugged into the wall outlet, or the computer, the screen stays active.  Seems to me that would cause it to take a longer time to charge.  How do I make it so the display turns off after I put it on charging?