Refund Request: T-Mobile SIM cards and Global Plan don't work in Europe



    I would like to express my extreme dissatisfaction with T-Mobile customer service and product.


    I would like again to request refund for $110.00 for 2 T-Mobile SIM cards and prepaid data plan which I purchased. The cards never worked for the purpose that T-Mobile sold them to me  - they always got “No Signal” error while travelling in Europe.


    1. On 06-17-15 at T-Mobile store # 4076 in Livermore California I purchased from Sales rep# 3941284 the following two SIM cards for a total of $110.00
      1. ***-***-****
      2. ***-***-****

    I tried out the SIM cards in the store and they connected.


    1. I travelled to Europe 06-22-15 to 07-08-15 and the cards always got “No Signal” error (in Italy, Austria, and Germany. There are no T-Mobile stores in Italy so I could not take it in for troubleshooting, and I could not call T-Mobile because I had no working phone.


    1. I took the cards to a T-Mobile store in Germany during the week 06-29-15. They could not get them to work. I bought new local SIM cards in Germany and they worked (proving for example that the phones were unlocked and that is not the problem). Here I have a further complaint, which I am not asking for compensation for: the local Germany SIM cards were to provide me with unlimited phone and text, and 250MB of data; however phone calling never worked – it said I had to charge up the cards with more money every time I attempted a phone call.


    1. On Sat 07-11-15 went back to the T-Mobile store to ask for a refund. They told me I had to call customer service. Fortunately, I had already done that in advance (expecting exactly that response), who had told me that T-Mobile would be happy to issue a refund, but that I had to go to the store to get it (record of that conversation and agent number attached). The person at the store told me I had to talk to the manager, who was only coming to work at 3PM. I left my records of the SIM card purchase and my phone number with the clerk, and asked him to have the manager call me.


    1. At 4:00 PM on 07-11-15 I called back the store to see if the manager was now available. I spoke to the manager Mohamed, and re-told my situation and asked for refund. The manager said the had to talk to his supervisor and would call me back on Monday (07-13-15).


    1. It is now Thursday 07-16-15 and nobody has called me back.



    In each case, I was told that T-Mobile does not refund prepaid cards and in each case I explained that I could understand that, if the product that was sold to me worked. And however, since the product did not work, and T-Mobile cannot give me a reason why it didn’t (which is academic, since I was stranded in Europe for 2.5 weeks without a phone), I would like to be refunded. Specifically on #4. above after explaining it, I was clearly told that a refund could, and would be issued. And that the agent had documented this in the service call.


    I have invested a lot more time in this issue than it is worth, and this makes me feel that T-Mobile is “blowing me off” on purpose to avoid issuing a refund, which I take as extremely poor customer service.


    I would like to have a refund issued immediately, and to not have to continue fighting pushback from T-Mobile on this issue, including having to explain it over and over.



    Best Regards,

    Jochen Schuele


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