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    iPhone 6 unlock problem

      Dear T-Mobile,


      It appears 40-day registration requirement comes up rather frequently in the customers' complaint list. I will have to add my name to the list.


      I purchased my iphone 6 back in May and flew overseas due to work shortly after that. I didn't use that phone in the US. The aforementioned requirement wasn't discussed by the sales rep at the time of the sale. Now I have a $700 device (paid in full) that I am unable to use. I read the requirement (it was shared with me just recently) but its logic escapes me. I don't have immediate plans to return to the country.


      Can T-Mobile provide a resolution to this predicament for the customer that has been loyal to the company for over a decade or should I switch to AT&T?





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          The logic is so T-Mobile gets some dollar recoup for whatever costs are incurred with getting a device unlock (from headcount used in processing requests to the pennies of storage for the database to costs from manufacturers for this).


          You can always beg T-Force for some resolution via Social Media.  Contact Us

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            I appreciate the clarifications. Given recurring complaint pattern (poor execution) and the fact that unlocked devices are freely available from the manufacturer (poor planning), the whole concept is flawed. Let's see what AT&T has to offer.


            This thread can be now closed.

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              AT&T doesn't lock the iPhone's right away. You stil have to wait 60 days last I remember on their network. I have to double check with a coworker. He just recently got his device unlocked. I know he was denied the first time. Most stores won't let you walk out without spending money on a prepaid card which is not refundable.


              Also you say you can get an unlocked one from the manufacturer. Sure you could, but why didn't you? Why didn't you go to Verizon which is unlocked from factory(required by regulation). Sorry but you knew carrier ones would be locked. I would read the policy. You don't need to have the device on the account for 40 days. It's 7 days, but the account needs to be active for 40 days. They only do 2 unlocks per 12 month cycle per line.

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                I didn't visit Apple Store because I was strapped for time before departure and T-Mobile store was near by. Verizon, despite its solid US coverage, doesn't work overseas as it runs on CDMA standard, if I remember it correctly.


                I am aware of 7 days and 40 days stipulation but phone must be used at least once in the US, that's the caveat. I am overseas. I can open the box and use the phone with my regular T-mobile SIM card all I want but that won't help while I stay in roaming...hence "you must be on T-Mobile network" verbiage in the policy.


                True, I skipped on fine print and T-Mobile got me there. Funny, you think you own a device when you paid for it.

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                  Not convenient, but if you know someone in the US you can ship it to and have them turn it on with your T-Mobile SIM and ship it back to you, that's a way around the "you must have used it on our network" clause.

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                    The unlock requirements specify that:


                    The device must have been active on the T-Mobile network for at least 40 days on the requesting line.


                    Does T-Mobile not enforce this part of the policy, and instead only require the line to be active for 40 days and the device to be active for 7 days?

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                      I have had devices on for 7 days but  my service has been active for a long time now. I believe the 40 day rule applies to new devices.

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                        Nope the Verizon version is a WORLD PHONE it supports GSM and works overseas.  I am also a Verizon customer. This was true 5 years ago but especially the past 2 years you can always use the GSM side.  The iPhone 6 regardless of size is 1 model that fits all.  Only the Sprint version based on how CDMA works and not being bound by Block C rules can stop the iPhone from working on their network or any other(So you have to buy specifically theirs to use on their network).

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                          Thanks for reaching out to us Eric.  We're always more than happy to check in on everything with you.  Please do Contact Us here at T-Force over Facebook or Twitter so we can best assist.  Thank you.

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