How are the T-Mobile staff treated?

    I love T-Mobile but I am very disappointed to hear this from a friend who left T-Mobile recently:


    I would be happy to pay more and to know employees are treated fairly!

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      • Something I can really say is that working on a callcenter enviroment wherever you go

        You are going to be under stress due to high call volume and different personalities of customers


        and sometimes there is people who cant work under pressure or stress but wherever you go there is going to be a disciplinary action because you are not meeting production goals even if your work on a restaurant you have to fight your way to get tips and serve different tables at same time


        One thing I can definetely Tell about working In Tmobile is that they do work with you and they treat just as if you are part of family


        In simple words tmobile is best place to work atleast for me and all my coworkers

          • tidbits

            Re: How are the T-Mobile staff treated?

            Don't believe it. There would be far greater fanfare especially if Legere personally went somewhere. Did your friend quit because he read that or because he experienced it?  I have heard more T-Mobile is a great place to work and when I call into Call centers for T-Mobile often a lot of the women sound like cheerleaders being a little to perky, and the guys sound genuinely friendly and none of them sound like they are having a bad day. They often chat it up with me about plan changes, new policies, features, and potential new devices.

          • winterjade

            Re: How are the T-Mobile staff treated?

            I think if customers took a moment to think about the person on the other end of the line and the fact that they are a person and not your personal punching bag, call center jobs would be way better.

            Paying for a service does not afford you the right to treat the employees that try to assist you with that service like crap. If you wouldn't treat someone like that to their face then don't do it over the phone or chat.

            I have noticed a similar attitude from folks seeking help on here. To many times a question has been posted and answered correctly only to have the OP come back aggressively towards the person that was trying to assist because they did not like the answer given.

            So I guess I am saying the problem is not how call center companies treat their employees as much as how customers treat them on a regular basis.