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    Ordered iPhone 6 64Gig Silver - Still backordered


      Placed a order earlier this week, for an iPhone 6 silver 64Gb and once you order it then shows its backordered after you already pay for it.   So I asked if I could Cancel and goto the store, I was told there were 6 in Stock and should ship by this weekend.  And that it takes 2 to 3 days to Cancel Online Orders and 7 days to process refunds.   So it was advised to wait and it would be shipped out for this weekend.  Well its friday, its still backordered. And all they will tell me is to be patient.  I Paid for the extra fast shipping too.  Anyone know of a way to get them to cancel the order so we can just goto a store and get the phone. Should of done that to begin with. but the site didn't say anywhere that they were out of stock. So my assumption was  order it.. pay the 25 bucks for express overnight shipping, and have it the next day or day after at the very most.   Yep.. Nope.   Everything else T-Mobile has been great till this. No one has any idea when it will ship.