LG G3 (D85120e) Random Reboot


    To start my phone has not been dropped or gotten wet and has been in a case since day 1.  A little over a week and a half my phone would randomly reboot/restart through out the day.  At the time my phone was on D85120b and it was very sporadic so I didn't think much of it.  My phone started to get worse and worse each day.  It got to a point which it was unusable and multiple apps were starting to get buggy.  Then I started to get constant error message android.process.acore has stopped every 2 seconds. 


    This morning the phone stated that there was an update available (D85120e) so I hoped this would fix the issue. Boy was I wrong; as soon as the update was done it went on an endless restarting loop.  I was able to stop it by connecting it to my PC via USB and I proceeded to clear all the cash via storage menu....no luck.  I then proceeded to do a master reset via buttons as the phone started to endlessly reboot. 


    After Master reset was completed I set the WiFi and logged into my google account.  As soon as I put in the 2-factor verification code BOOM reboot.


    Needless to say HELP!!!

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      • Same thing is happening to mine...ive tried everything. This g3 is a year old..that im using and im suspectinf its a battery problem. Ive tried everything you have and also cleaning the pins and checking power button. It only stays on..when connected to a power source...but even then it will reboot

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          Re: LG G3 (D85120e) Random Reboot

          Very curious about that, why would you suspect it is a battery issue? 


          In my case I ended up going to a T-Mobile store where I was recommended a master reboot.  I mentioned I had already done it twice and that it even reboots during initial setup.  Luckily, they performed the reset and as soon as he hit the first next button it restarted.  They order a warranty replacement since I have insurance on the phone but it is back-ordered and I should receive it on Friday.  Stuck with a Samsung Galaxy Q loaner on which I had to pay $50 deposit for. It has been a great joke for my friends and coworkers "Slide in keyboard?! Welcome to early 2000s!!!". 

          • Just want to add that I have the same problem as well. My phone will restart randomly when taking pictures to playing games. I have done a factory reset and still having issues. I'm convinced its the stupid lollipop updates. It has slowed down my phone and my wifes Galaxys5.


            Any ideas on how to fix?

            • I bought my phone second hand, at first it seemed fine.

              Although it started rebooting itself when I opened the Camera at times or played a game mostly when I was low on battery but even sometimes at 80%+. The process would continue and sometimes I would have to pull out my battery because it wouldn't restart, it would just end up with a black screen. Other times it would just reboot itself.

              I am very worried as I do not have a warranty.


              Is this a network/battery/software/hardware issue?

              I'd like to be able to fix it myself, if possible.


              Looking for advice.