JUMP with cracked screen or deductible?

    So, I'm currently facing a two part issue now with my wife since when it rains it pours. Both of us are looking into having to replace our phones for different reasons which I will cover in detail below.



    I have a Note 4 which works great still but has been dropped and has some small cracks on the screen. One hairline on the side and then one on the corner up near the front camera. Everything still works fine on the phone but I am nervous that if I continue to use it overtime the cracks will grow and then it will become an issue. I am eligible for a JUMP upgrade according to my account on tmobile but my question is, would I be able to do a jump upgrade with a damaged phone? The screen is cracked yet it does not effect performance at all. If I have a fee added for the damage, what would it be since the deductible is 175 I believe if I file a claim but then I get a refurbished device which is really a hit or miss if I get a decent one or shafted on that.


    Next is my wife's phone.

    She has an HTC One M8 but is not eligible for jump until 8/8/15. Today, her phone fell into water briefly and she managed to get it out pretty quickly. I turned it off right away and sealed it into a bag with rice in it to draw out the moisture to hopefully avoid some serious damage. Now she can't do the JUMP upgrade but she could file a claim and do the risk of the refurbished gamble. If the rice trick works and we're lucky, she may still have a working phone which will last her until her jump upgrade in which she then faces the same decision as I do. Does she jump upgrade and pay a damage fee or file a claim?


    Any feedback would be appreciated on the matter.

    Thanks ahead of time. I plan on heading into a local tmobile store tomorrow if I can and talking to an employee but figured I'd check here as well.

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