Camera won't focus

    Just got the Leon LTE and I like it with the exception of the rear facing camera. I had attempted to submit a receipt for an expense via an app, but the image quality of the image I got was horrid. I can understand a camera phone not having the best image quality, but as you can see in the image below on the left, the image quality you get from the phone is beyond bad. The picture was taken at a distance of about 4 inches.


    The image on the right is from my old Samsung phone and it gets photos that aren't great, but at least I you can read what the text on the label says.


     photo CameraExample_zpstnuidpur.jpg


    The rear facing camera doesn't appear to have any focusing ability, either auto-focus or the ability to click on the screen to focus on a specific point.


    The image below was also taken with the phone, and it's fairly better because it's not a close-up shot, but it's very grainy.


     photo CameraExample2_zpsohqhjskn.jpg

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        I've found out that the reason the camera doesn't auto-focus is that it doesn't have an auto-focus camera. The documentation on LG and T-Mobile's website state that it's an auto-focus camera, but the reason why I thought it had an auto-focus camera is that a lot of review sites state auto-focus or touch focus camera. Technically the front facing camera has a touch focus, but it's a very minor adjustment.


        What I believe it occurring are many review sites are not specifically stating the rear-facing camera is fixed focus but because the front-facing camera is technically auto-focusing, they're just saying the phone's camera has an auto-focus feature. This is just misinformation. You can see such information at this link, What sort of camera / front camera does the LG Leon have?, and this one,


        I did speak with a T-Moblie techn rep on the phone yesterday and the information they have also led them to believe that the phone has auto-focus capability for the rear-facing camera as well. They said that my Leon is likely having technical problems and I should exchange it for a new one. I stopped into my local T-Mobile store and found that the Leon on display has the same camera issues with close-up text so I realized then that something regarding the information about the phone was off somewhere.

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            Re: Camera won't focus

            I reviewed a Leon myself and also found the rear facing camera to have a fixed focus so I can confirm that it indeed does not have an auto focus. I see our specs for the phone have been updated in the last 3 days so it now shows "5MP camera" and doesn't list an auto focus feature anymore. Also if you look at LG's website it does say fixed focus for the camera LG Leon LTE: Smartphone with 4.5 inch Display | LG USA Thanks for bringing this to our attention so it could be resolved and information could be updated. If you need anything further please let us know.

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                The tech specs on the support page still says auto focus. Considering I purchased the phone on the 30th because I wanted a phone with an auto-focus camera (I was upgrading from a OneTouch Fierce which was fixed focus, I'm more than a little annoyed. When I got the phone I mentioned it would be nice to scan barcodes and such as I hadn't been able to on the other one. The sales associate just nodded afirmative.


                I was told the restocking fee on the phone would be $50. Considering the phone cost $80 that's a bit ridiculous. I would hope that T-Mobile would be willing to step up and provide something acceptable as a replacement.


                Needless to say, I've got a bad taste over this whole thing. I mean the phone has been out for over a month and no one thought to confirm all the specs?

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              Completely agree with buckycat.

              I like the Leon as a phone, but the camera is non-functional. I am unable to scan receipts for submitting expense reports.

              Also, you will not be able to use any kind of barcode scanner app either.

              Not only did T-Mobile customer service and tech support know this. LG's own tech support is unaware of this.

              The only alternative that LG offered is to send the phone in for repair. Not going to make a difference since this, to me, is a design flaw.

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                  Not only did T-Mobile customer service and tech support NOT know this, LG's own tech support is not aware of this (that the camera cannot auto-focus).

                  Also, on the  page,

                  "LG Leon LTE Smartphone | LG Leon LTE Reviews | T-Mobile",

                  for Features, T-Mobile states that the 5 Megapixel Camera is "With quality worth printing, now you can really enjoy those special moments captured on your device." This is also not true. The pictures are too grainy and not worth printing.

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                      Re: Camera won't focus

                      I'm confused.  Maybe you guys know more than I do.  My LG G5 seemed to focus, yes autofocus, just fine until about 2 months ago.  I could scan barcodes, make pdfs with Mobile Doc Scanner and the like, all no problem.  Then the controls seemed to change (a software update?) and now it will focus only in wide-angle mode, where the active icon shows 3 trees.  Worse, sometimes it fails to save pictures.  I open Gallery, and I don't see the pictures.  This only happens sometimes, I'd say about 1/3 of the time.  I can't predict when it might happen and when not.


                      Is there anything I can do?


                      Thanks, R

                  • ed4015

                    Re: Camera won't focus

                    ok guys, do you want to hear something crazy i just found today trying back and forth to make that thing take readable ocs of text and/or documents? To me the rear camera is defective, how come? easy, take a close pic of any text with the rear, and now do it with the VGA front camera. Sounds crazy, yeah, front camera will get the job done for those digitizing receipts, biz cards, etc. Now my question is and after knowing this, what T Mobile is planning to do? You know i was a happy blackberry user back in december after requesting a plan change the BBS went down and Tmobile were unable to re establish the service and then they offer me this toy, well, after playing the christmas with it, i found it's okay except for the camera. After founding what i just shared with you, i'm just mad, we have a defective product and in my case subpar to the category of my Blackberry Bold 9900, yes, Bold 9900, still working but a higher grade phone than this Leon rear defective camera toy.


                    Please try yourself and post it here. Thx.

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                        Re: Camera won't focus

                        If it is a fixed focus camera as lg has mentioned as referenced above,  it is a limitation on the hardware itself and exchanging won't help.  You are correct there.

                        That being said, it might not serve the purpose of scanning documents because it can't focus.

                        This is a entry level phone and does not have robust features that are taken for granted now and might have been on your previous device.  The front camera is also fixed but at a closer distance, hence why it works.  Being a low end device and cheaper, a lower quality camera and other components are used to make up the difference.

                        So what can tmobile do? What do you expect them to do? There is a 14 day buyers remorse period you can return the phone after purchase if you don't like it. After that, the phone is yours and you can not return it. If you are past that, you can either sell the phone or trade it in to tmobile and purchase a device that would work better for you.

                          • ed4015

                            Re: Camera won't focus

                            Thx, but the point here is not about the auton focus, my thing is why a VGA camera using the same processing limitations outperform a 5MP camera at closer distant with docs? Tmobile- should be kind of liable for promoting and selling a device that run scanning apps, even come with Google drive that comes with a scanning feature but it's useless because the 5MP camera is subpar even with its own VGA pal. Just crazy man.