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    On LTE I can only browse google

      So about 6 months ago, I started running into this problem where my iPhone when connected to LTE could only perform google searches and look at Wikipedia articles, all other pages i would attempt to load would simply say "Safari cannot open the page, because the network connection was lost".  However, this was when I was studying in Indiana, when I went back home to Michigan for summer break, LTE worked perfectly. I suspect this is a DNS problem but I really don't know how to fix it.

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          Hello eizeeen,


          Thank you for reaching out to us with this. That is strange that you were able to use Google searches and view Wikipedia articles but nothing else. Were you using a T-Mobile Sim? What local network were you connected to at the time? Were you connected to wi-fi? The issue with changing the DNS server is that since you're using a mobile device your IP address is most likely dynamic and the server details are taken from the local service provider that will provide the IP. When you return to India if you experience the same issue you may need to contact the network provider you're connected to.

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            Sorry i believe you might be mistaken, I am currently living in INDIANA not india due to the fact that im studying here. I visit my parents in Michigan sometimes where my LTE works perfectly, so it is not that far of a distance. All i know is that the APN i am currently connected to is "fast.t-mobile.com" which I believe is the universal LTE network for T-Mobile users. Yes my iPhone has a T-Mobile nano sim that I have never touched and no, when I browse with LTE, I make sure I am only connected to LTE and not any WiFi sources.

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              Thanks for the additional information, what speeds are you seeing on LTE when in Indiana? Is it all of Indiana or just one location? Are other T-Mobile users seeing the same result? Are you able to use other data features like YouTube while on LTE?

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