I bought a note 4 3 weeks ago. Last week the phone stopped reading memory cards. Ended up buying 4 different cards all samsung. Nothing! Still didn't work. So they sent a replacement phone which was refurbished. That right there is ridiculous. The phone isn't even a month old and then your going to send me a phone that is used..? At $700 for a phone you should be sending me a new phone. Then customer service wanted to give me the run around which spent an hour running around to tmobile store for them to spend 5 seconds and call customer service. I called Customers service and they gave me this run around. Didn't even offer anything for all the trouble I have went through in the past week. Now there sending me a second replacement phone which would be my 3rd note 4. I've been a great tmobile customer always pay my stuff on time and never complain about anything until now. If I wouldn't owe $700 for a refurbished phone I'd leave Tmobile in a heart beat. I now remember why I left tmobile

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        Then you have the same problem at a different carrier and the result is the same. It is a warranty exchange and the rules are setup by the manufacturer and not the carrier.

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            tidbits is exactly right. When you exchange phones, the carrier simply acts as an intermediary between the customer and the manufacturer. Furthermore, offering refurbished units as replacements for units exchanged is common across much of the consumer electronics industry. Very rarely will the manufacturer offer a replacement in the form of a new device.

          • And I understand that's what most are doing.. but at least as a company try to make things right. I had a big issue with sprint with my iPhone being smashed when I got is and then they didnt have anyone. They through in some new headphones at the time and discounted my bill for my troubles. They didn't hesitate to offer something in place of my time. Tmobile... nothing. Sorry just gotta wait is what I get from them..

            • Yea I forgot you know me so well... umm no I didn't just smash my phone.. maybe you but I'm not an idiot that would smash my new phone. It's called buying a case. My iPhone was delivered like that out of warehouse smart a**. The headphones were priced at $139.99 not some cheap piece of sh**  but since you know me and my issues then you fix them...

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                  What was told to me once was you're not exchanging a brand new phone, you're exchanging a used like new phone.


                  Brand new qualifies within the 14 day return window (you were a week out of it -- I've had things where I was a day out of a window with other companies and nothing can be done -- heck, I'm out $107 with Southwest because of their ambiguous wording I had read on their Travel Funds).


                  Think about it in ebay terns -- Brand new = unopened packaging.  Like new = opened, but barely or not used.  People do have a distinction between them.


                  T-Mobile is taking your "like new" device and exchanging it for a "like new" device.



                  If it's truly a manufacturer defect, it's under that warranty and you can contact the manufacturer to get the device fixed based on their warranty terms.  You send the device and they send the same device back.

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                    You should reread what I said. You said you had an incident of the phone being smashed out of the box. That's completely different with what is happening with T-Mobile. If the scenario was the same Sprint would have done the same.

                  • I'm beginning to agree with the OP.  Still waiting on my ETF refund of over $800.  All paperwork was received 4/17 (Friday).  Tomorrow, 6/26, will be 10 weeks.  Keep getting told "any day now".  Guess I'll have to draw a line in the sand - cancel all 5 3 gig plans if not received by say July 1.  Getting ridiculous - I hate being lied to.  Does customer service monitor these posts?

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                      I have been a customer for one week and I already regret it. Mine is not a device issue though. My plan was misrepresented by a rep who obviously made a careless mistake by telling me I would have internet free for a year as part of my switching over from AT&T. T-Mobile doesn't even OFFER home internet service. I had cancelled my AT&T internet service, spent 3 hours on the phone between the two companies, had to pay off the balance at AT&T (which T-Mobile was supposed to pay as part of the "promotion," call back fro reimbursement (which I am currently on the phone with and have been for for 1 hour and 23 minutes, and had to sign a whole new contract with AT&T to get internet service again.


                      I don't even know how many times I have been transferred and put on hold while promised that I would not have to go over the story all over again. Every time I get transferred, I have to go over the whole thing again. I regret having left AT&T already,