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    T-Mobile personal cellspot router problems

      Wondering if anyone else out there is having problems with the personal cellspot supplied by T-Mobile?

      I have an iPhone 6 which works perfectly otherwise, but will not work for wi-fi calls. I have a CenturyLink dsl modem, so I turned off the t-mobile cellspot and activated wireless on the dsl modem and calls work perfectly. Also have used wi-fi calling on other networks without any issues.

      I returned the first T-mobile router after talking with their tech-support, and was sent a second one. It wouldn't work either.

      The T-Mobile router works fine on the internet and has great coverage in my house.

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          Is your dsl modem set up for bridge or nat?

          In other words, is your cellspot router getting a private IP (192.168.X.X) or is it getting your ISP's address?


          If it's getting a private, double-NAT is happening and some things refuse to act proper with double-NAT.

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            Don't totally understand the bridge/nat thing. I see that I have Nat enabled, and there is a warning about security if you disable it. I guess I could try disabling it and see if it makes a difference.

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              DO NOT DISABLE NAT!  You may not be able to get back wtihout doing a full reset of your modem and it's a pain in the rear.


              The short is what IP address is your router getting from your modem?  (WAN address?)

              Don't post your address in here -- but, if it's 192.168.X.X, that means it's being translated twice (first when it goes through your modem, then again when it goes through your router).

              Some apps cannot work with multiple translations (something gets lost in the middle).



              To resolve it, you need to configure your modem to be in bridge mode.

              You also may be able to resolve it by setting your router to be in the DMZ on your modem.

              Either way, I'm imagining the solution is within your modem.

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                Yes, I hooked the cellspot back up and it does have a wan address of 192.168 . x.x.

                Now I just need to figure out how to put my dsl modem in bridge mode. Thanks for the help.

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                  Recently acquired the newer model of the T-Mobile Personal CellSpot.  The one without the antennas.

                  Followed the directions to the letter and never got the device to work.  Called support and they were very

                  helpful in assisting me to try and get the device to work but to no avail.


                  Found out my problem is with of all ISP's .. the dreaded COMCAST.  They have a multiplicity of ports blocked,

                  mainly the ports you need to make the device work.  The ports they have blocked are UDP500, UDP4500, and

                  UDP123.  Personal opinion " COMCAST SUCKS" but I am stuck with them for the moment.  So if you have

                  Comcast as a Internet Service Provider and cannot get this device to work .... that is the reason.


                  Sorry T-Mobile but this is going to put a small damper on your plans to trump VERIZON on coverage if this

                  issue is not resolved.