Is data throttled or resyricted on the $30 plan.

    I bought an ASUS Zenphone 2 and signed up for the $30 plan. I have no data reception at my home, not even able to text. I have used Verizon, Boost and Virgin Mobile in the past. While reception was not good on any of the networks, I was always able to text and talk if I moved to the front of the house. With this phone and the $30 plan I get nothing. I am trying to determine if the problem us the phone or the service. I can get a new phone, but I'm afraid I'll spend $50 to activate it, and still have no service. So my question us, does T-Mobile restrict access to their network for the $30 plan. I ask because Straightalk, does in fact have areas of no re-election because they don't rent space from the Verizon Towers in some areas. Verizon subscribers have service, Straight talk subscribers don't. I would happy to hear from anyone with a similar experience, or a suggested solution. Many thanks.

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