Lousy photo resolution with the Stylo

    I just picked up my Stylo today and I'm getting really, really lousy photo resolution. There is virtually no fine detail in the photos. Just to make sure I wasn't losing my mind, I took a sample photo with my S3 and another one from the same spot with the Stylo, both using the flash, and the S3's photos look way better.

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      • Have you gone into the settings of the camera app to make sure the resolution and detail setting where set to the highest they can go?

          • The app doesn't really have a setting like that. My options for the camera setting are really limited to the aspect setting, which shouldn't affect resolution.


            Also, I downloaded Google camera, just to make sure it wasn't a default camera app issue, and the resolution has the same blurriness.

              • I find it hard to believe that the built in camera app doesn't have the option for changing the resolution.  I know Google's camera app does check there to make sure its on the highest resolution.  I haven't played with the Stylo yet I will this weekend.  I would go to a T-Mobile store and see if there is a difference in you camera and the one in the store in the off chance there is something wrong with your phones camera.  One more thing I would try is transferring the photos to a computer and seeing if they still have blurriness and its not just the phones display.  It probably isn't your phone display but I would check and make sure.

                  • Believe it or not, there's no setting for resolution. There are flash options, HDR on/off, panoramic options, timer, and aspect. Nothing about resolution. I already confirmed through Google Camera that I was taking photos in the 13MP setting. Here's the rub: if you take the same photo with the front-facing "selfie" camera, you actually get slightly better sharpness from the photos- that is, you don't get the "paint splotches" effect when you zoom in on the photo. Something's up with the rear-facing, main camera.


                    Also, before posting, I emailed myself the photos I took with the LG and the S3 to view on a proper monitor, and found the resolution was still lousy on the LG photo.

                      • Well, begrudgingly, I got on the phone to tech support. From what I gather, some users have reported the camera as taking photos that are "too bright". Not quite my issue, but he still recommended swapping it out. I'll head to the shop tomorrow and report back.

                • I swapped the phone out and had the same problem. I actually downloaded the photos and looked at their information in irfanview, which told me that the pictures were, indeed, being taken in 13MP. The Stylo's HDR photos don't even match the resolution from an identical standard picture taken from the S3.


                  I called tech support again, who had nothing new to offer besides calling LG directly. When I spoke to LG, they said the phone was too new to really have a track record yet, but offered to take it in for an evaluation. If it was a software problem, they said they wouldn't be able to fix it on the spot, but rather I'd have to wait until a patch was rolled out to TMobile, who would then send it out to everyone.


                  I think I may just take the phone back and wait a few months for the bugs to get worked out. What a shame- I like just about everything else about the phone, other than the awful camera.

                    • ty2015

                      Re: Lousy photo resolution with the Stylo

                      According to your post #2, the built-in camera app of the LG G Stylo does not have options for taking photos at different sizes, (always 13M), how about video taking, can it be recording at different sizes? and If you use the other camera app, (e.g. Google Camera app), does it offer different sizes? Is there a place that has the sample images of this LG G Stylo showing its lousy blurry photos? A lot reviewers saying it has great camera, why?

                        • ty2015

                          Re: Lousy photo resolution with the Stylo

                          There is no option for taking photos in different sizes, it only offers 3 aspect ratios: 16:9, 4:3 or 1:1. It only has two modes: HDR, and Panorama.Video can only in two formats: FHD (1080p) and HD (720p). Its camera app is extremely simple lacking of all those fancy functions. The aperture is f2.4. The quality of the images are so-so, with a lot image noise at low-light conditions. It is kind of obvious bad image quality if you compare it with those $600 high-end phones. But, it is not bad if comparing with other low-end smartphone. It offers quick and accurate laser focus. This phone does not offer any image stabilizer (optical/digital). If you buy this phone for its camera(s), it will be a big mistake.

                      • I have played with the camera in store and it looks like the quality of the photos is sub-par.  I just played with it for a few minutes in the store but it looks like your right.  It is a very inexpensive phone and something has to give at that price and it seems to be the camera.  It is a great phone for the price but if you need a great camera I would look elsewhere.

                          • ty2015

                            Re: Lousy photo resolution with the Stylo

                            For most people, the so-so camera image quality may be just ok and use it only for social network, message... then, this camera will be just fine. The 13M resolution is basically a waste of memory that using average 3 MB of each photo with so-so quality. Just don't think this camera is G series like those in LG G2/G3/G4. Totally different results. And, I do feel that the camera app lacking the option for taking photos at different sizes is really unheard of. Does this really make that difference to lower the cost of the phone by removing those "software" options on a 13M camera? I like everything else of the LG G Stylo, but just not the camera(s) and its camera app. What a pity that I have to pass it and look for something else. Maybe, just maybe, one day in the near future, those LG engineers will update the firmware/OS with better camera app.

                              • I had an LG G2 and it took much better photos than I could tell from the shot time I used it in the store.  I have a feeling LG cheaped out on one or more of the camera parts to get the phone at that price point like the lens or the sensor or both or more.  Not all 13 MP cameras are the same and this one I believe is of low quality parts.  For the price I would still say its a great buy if a mediocre camera is ok for you

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                              Re: Lousy photo resolution with the Stylo

                              Hello dv0722


                              Thanks for reaching out to the community. The camera is a very important feature on any device. I myself do not know what I would do without mine. We are to hear that you are not liking your device. We see that you have exchanged and gone as far as contacting LG. At this time we would like to know if you still have the device and if we can be of any further assistance?


                              If we can be of any assistance please reach out to us via  Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/TMobile or Twitter @TMobileHelp and we will be happy to assist.

                                • I do still have the phone. I'm really hoping you'll release an update to address the camera issue.


                                  Not to thread jack my own thread here, but after spending some time with the phone, I also noticed that the GPS accuracy leaves something to be desired. Using a GPS mapping app, I can see that my Stylo has about 1/3 the accuracy of my S3 (eg the stylo shows a 36 foot accuracy where the S3 reports 10 feet). Again, maybe this is something that can be addressed through an update.

                                    • tforce_monique

                                      Re: Lousy photo resolution with the Stylo



                                      Thank you for the additional info you have provided. We are not currently showing any known issues with the device in regards to your GPS concerns. We certainly want you to enjoy your device and for it to work properly for you.  When it comes to GPS and the two different phones different things can come into play that can effect the accuracy. Each device has a different antenna which in this case the S3 seems to have a stronger one. Are you still currently under your buyers remorse for this device? We want you to have a device you enjoy and all features working to your satisfaction.

                                        • I'm not under the buyer's remorse period any longer, but I've decided to go

                                          ahead and keep the phone. The camera is really unfortunate and the GPS

                                          thing is, comparatively speaking, a quibble, but everything else with the

                                          phone is fine. I bring these concerns up hoping that they will make it up

                                          the chain and get forwarded to LG for resolution in an update. It's a good

                                          product that's just on the cusp of being great, particularly for the price.

                                          I've been a TMo customer since it was VoiceStream and really want this

                                          product to succeed; At this price point, it could be huge. I think

                                          resolving these issues will go a long way toward that goal.


                                          I really appreciate the follow up.

                                        • drakenfx

                                          Re: Lousy photo resolution with the Stylo

                                          this device is a pretty good device, Hardware is great where the problem reside is software, software is what is making The LG Stylo camera looks bad and LG can easily fix that by giving us a better software/app b'cuz phone camera talking hardware wise here is pretty good and i'll say this again we need a Better Camera APP to release the full power of this camera.

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                                        Thank you!


                                        • xenon2000

                                          Re: Lousy photo resolution with the Stylo

                                          Thanks for the heads up. I have an S3 as well and looking to replace it. But the camera is one of the most important features for me. Top 3 for sure. And I need a phone that takes as good or better photos than the S3. I am even having a hard time finding a phone with an 8MP camera as good or better than the S2. Which my wife has still. Both phones take great pictures. Yet many 8 and 13 MP new cameras by other brands, are not as good. I don't get it. So I will avoid the LG G Stylo as well. Thanks.

                                          • drakenfx

                                            Re: Lousy photo resolution with the Stylo

                                            Look in xda-developers for LG G Stylo XCam is an App and works perfectly cuz the Stylo have many similarities with the G3 (Camera wise) That's what i use and i have more control over the camera

                                            • ulyssesghost

                                              Re: Lousy photo resolution with the Stylo

                                              I found an app, "A Better Camera", a few years back when using an LG L9 and it made the pictures substantially better.  I have stuck with this app on every phone I have had since then because it always seems to make the pictures better.  Literally, a better camera.  You can find it in the play store or on amazon app store.  It is worth buying.  


                                              (disclaimer, I am in no way related to the developer or benefit from this, just offering my experience)