Dell Venue Pro - 7.5 update now no Pic Messaging

    Anyone else have this issue?  I updated to Mango and now I can not recieve picuter messages.  Everything else seems to work.

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      • Guess I should not have taken the update.  TMobile support could not help.  When i get home I will be rolling my phone back. 

        • I have a "non T-Mobile" phone, as defined by

          BYOD T-Mobile data & APN settings

          (Windows Phone 7.5 - Dell Venue Pro 8GB) that stopped working with MMS (Pictures attached to text) when we Roamed to a different county about 60 miles from home. Turns out the issue was corrected once I realized that the Cellular Data roaming was set to don't roam.


          Also, I had tried the resetting of the MMS settings several times and removing the battery several times to reset the phone several times from these instructions

          David Long: Fixing MMS on Dell Venue Pro

          and with this from a T-Mobile technical support agent (DOC-2090 Ver 8)

          BYOD T-Mobile data & APN settings

          so not sure these steps were needed, since they alone did not get it back to sending pictures / MMSs.


          Strangely once it worked with Data roaming option set to "roam" one time, then setting it back to "don't roam" has it still working for most of the clogged up in the phone re-sendable MMSs.


          Per the link here, How to reset the APN on an Android device (DOC-1979 Ver 15) it tells us "but it is required to receive data when roaming domestically" (basically that we should leave it on "roam", unless traveling and wanting to prevent charges for using roaming internationally!)

          (... at step 8 -

          If you see the following check boxes, verify they are selected:

            • Data Enabled
            • Use Packet Data
            • Data Roaming This will incur charges if you roam internationally, but it is required to receive data when roaming domestically.



          I tend to think that I was being paranoid about roaming charges. But I have noticed when out in the boonies, like around North Eastern Nevada and South Eastern Oregon and South Western Idaho, I ran into roaming on voice calls to networks other than T-Mobile or AT&T, so I'm still going to keep my phones on "don't roam" for Cellular Data roaming options in Settings on my Windows Phone 8 {Lumia 521} /  7.5 {Dell Venue Pro 8GB} s.