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    Wifi Calling Not Working on Iphone 6 Plus

      Hi! So this seems to be a really odd issue that no one else is having, and I really need help. Basically, the wifi calling on my phone just doesn't work. I had an iphone 5s and I could connect at home just fine. I don't get signal where I live so I was relying on this to make calls. One day, it just stopped working. I don't get any error messages; I just turn it on and the top of the screen doesn't show "TMOBILE WIFI." It just keeps showing no signal or one or two bars. I tried the T mobile router and it didn't work, which is not surprising because my house is 350 square feet and I never had dropped calls or trouble getting signal when it did actually connect. Plus the issue is not that I get crappy signal with it or dropped calls - it just won't connect. So then I was told it was my phone. I got the new 6 plus and same issue. The same exact problem. I was then told it was my wifi carrier's fault. I contacted them, and they said nothing had changed, everything was set up correctly, and besides they can't really help with that as long as my wifi is working in general - that is something the phone company should solve. So, I am back to square one. Basically T Mobile just said they don't know what the issue is so it must be with my wifi carrier, my wifi carrier, Century Link, say they can't help. I can't use the signal booster at my house and forgo wifi calling because I don't get 3G or better. I seriously have no options and no signal at my house. If someone on this message board can out-tech the techs and help me I will be seriously grateful!