Marking posts as helpful, user & document ratings disabled?


    Hello everyone in TMO support land,


    Recently, I've noticed some changes in the functionality of the board. From what I can tell, we can no longer give ratings for community documents or user posts. I've logged in with multiple browsers, and still see no indication of these features being present.


    With regard to marking an answer as helpful, I've never been able to do so. I read some old posts which indicated that only the OP of a thread (that has been marked as a question) can mark an answer as helpful. This is what I expected, yet I have not been able to do so since joining this forum a few months back. I've only seen posts marked as helpful by T-Force reps.


    The absence of these features is not a big deal. Nonetheless, I've got 4 or 5 missions which require marking answers as helpful or rating community documents. Are there any plans to re-enable these features, or replace them with similar functionality? Perhaps our good System Administrator can weigh in on this.



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      • tmo_ryan

        Ratings were removed since, in many cases, documents have been around for multiple years and we were finding that the displayed ratings were not representative of the current trending of ratings. We had feedback that they were confusing and causing folks to not trust the content so we coded them off the page template. We're hoping to introduce our own "in house" ratings system in the future that will allow for a rolling time period so they are more relevant (timing is still TBD).


        Marking helpful is indeed reserved for the OP and staff folks who have the moderator type permissions. Give it a try on this post, it'll be in the lower left corner of my post under "Actions".


        Good point about the badges, we (we being I) need to do an audit of the badges/missions we have out right now. We do a similar type of badge system on our employee community so I've been focusing my attention on that for a reset. Once I launch there, I'll be working out there.


        Overall, great feedback!