How to disable update notification?

    I mistakenly downloaded the update for my phone (lollipop) and I'm not wanting to install it.  I'd rather keep this device on 4.4.4, but it keeps asking me to update it now.  I just keep postponing/minimizing the update notification.


    Is there a way to disable this?  I do not want this update.



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      • verhouze

        Re: How to disable update notification?

        Maybe with a file manager you can locate the download and delete it. Also, in settings/application manager /all, disable Samsung Push. i don't know if any of this will work for you now. I just know that so far I have not received a notification and I think it is because of Samsung push being disabled.

        • You can just turn off the notification for an updates to your phone you can locate it to the "Settings" of your phone.

          • Hi lastxit! I'm afraid the notifications are there to stay, at least until you download a later software update. Updates are downloaded to the system OS partition, and so can't be deleted.

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              • Download Package Disabler Pro from the Play Store.


                Search for and disable (put a check mark) for the following package/service: com.wssyncmldm


                That took care of it for me! 

                  • joshsc

                    Re: How to disable update notification?

                    What do you select in Package Disabler?

                    • joshsc

                      Re: How to disable update notification?

                      Ok, phone back to original OS-  Let's see how much better this is. Gonna be testing battery life, lag, usability.

                      One thing I'll say is doing this actually erased my phone account from google...not sure how to explain it but it picked up my tablet and started downloading the programs that is on that to my phone and programs that were on my phone didn't download-   Difficult to explain.  But the phone is working.  I'll update in a week or so.  btw, it hung at the white boot screen and had to take battery out, boot to reset menu and reset and wipe, then booted properly.

                      • fruhd

                        Re: How to disable update notification?

                        The only one I'm seeing is "Package Disabler Pro (Samsung)" ... well that was an excessively large font. Is this the right one? I don't want to pay for the app to find it won't even work for the LG.

                          • joshsc

                            Re: How to disable update notification?

                            yes, Package Disabler Pro (samsung)


                            By the way, It's now been 3 weeks and my phone is still performing wonderfully.  Battery is holding up like before lasting me well over my 12-13 hour workdays.  This was the answer.

                              • tallpaleman

                                Re: How to disable update notification?

                                Thank you guys SOOO much for that package disabler pro information. A new OTA update notification just popped up for me today, and  I disabled com.wssyncmldm in there and the tmobile constant update reminder went away. In my opinion, there is no excuse for not allowing us to permanently turn off the reminder and postponing it can only be done for a day at a time. It is obvious that this was designed like this to make us accidentally start the update by accident eventually, and this angers me a lot. The upgrade of android from 4.4.2 to 5.0 on my samsung galaxy s5 caused my phone a ton of problems. I did the next update to hope it would fix them, but it didn't and I cannot roll back to 4.4.2 now. I never meant to upgrade, but there was no option to disable it so I accidentally clicked on it. I am not updating again and risking further problems. If this simple app can allow us to disable the update notification spam, then Tmobile and Samsung should be able to do it. Other versions of the samsung galaxy s5 can turn off the updates in the settings:about area, but this has been removed by either Tmobile or Samsung on the Tmobile version.


                                A lot of users, including myself have had issues with android updates on Tmobile (check out this thread: The specified item was not found. ), so updates should NOT be forced upon us like this. Please give us the option to disable the update notifications, as new updates often cause issues and break phone that worked perfectly fine beforehand.

                          • mikeyg00

                            Re: How to disable update notification?

                            Since Apple got busted for slowing phones with updates, I stopped doing that on Verizon, and my battery life has stayed good for nearly 2 years. Verizon has the Install Later option, but T-Mobile doesn't (Install now or overnight).  Will it install overnight without my authorization?  If so I will not be happy.