WiFi keeps dropping  after Lollipop update

    As soon as the Lollipop update was finished on my G2, the WiFi network would connect as in the past, then a few minutes later, drop the connection, then reconnect.It's been doing this continuously since the update. Before anyone asks, I did a factory reset after the update to try to fix this, 'forgot' then reconnected with the networks that fail, etc. This happens on every WiFi network since the update.


    The workaround: in WiFi settings/advanced, I unchecked the box "switch to mobile data", and the problem has completely gone away.


    What does this switch do, and what is now not happening with this unchecked?

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      • That is a great question! The "switch to mobile data" box makes it so that when are wifi connection is unstable the device will automatically swtich to using the mobile network. The issue we are seeing is that the device is having a hard time building a stable connection when that switch is turned on. Which causes the phone to get confused as to whether it is supposed to use mobile data or wifi, so by turning the switch off the connection type becomes more obvious. Either Wi-fi or mobile network but not both!

        • Thanks for the explanation:


          I woke up this morning on a mission to learn more about the issue. What I now know:


          the issue does not happen when the phone is in Safe Mode, which leads me to think some app is causing the problem, or at least interfering in some way, or at least making it worse ( the WiFi signal seems to be more variable under Lollipop, but that might be a guess)


          I've removed a few apps and will update as I learn more

          • You are right. Even though I set the same option on under safe mode, it worked there but will not when the phone is back to normal


            It seems to me that the Lollipop WiFi driver is much more sensitive than under Kitkat and the previous versions, and the phone is always searching for a signal. Even now, the signal strength is constantly changing between 2 and 4 bars .With the mobile data switch off, at least it will hold the network and not keep dropping the WiFi calling, etc.

            • timsdd

              Re: WiFi keeps dropping  after Lollipop update

              I have the same exact problem with mine; Galaxy S5 though.


              unchecking mobile data box doesn't help. I've tried all the other stupid things...reboot the phone, the router, disconnect & reconnect wifi.


              wifi drops no less than 27 times a day, sometimes just turning itself off!!


              the signal is VERY stout so that is not the issue at all.

                • magenta5090738

                  A recent Google Update keeps bricking the Wi-Fi scan unless a factory reset is done despite 3rd party apps seeing a fully working wifi.  Losing all phone data weekly is thoroughly unacceptable as the OS hides all user data in unreachable & unrestorable locations.


                  Issue brought to Google Support and they closed the ticket blaming T-Mobile's "Custom OS".  So it's now up to the cell provider to either correct the problem or take legal action with the big G for intentionally damaging your product in an anticompetitive manner.

                • magenta3397014

                  Similar problem with Revell. Restart connects to internet via wifi but with several different wifi networks the internet drops out. restart and all is ok for w while.