Can a Sprint Galaxy Note 4 work with T-mobile?


      I'm thinking about making the switch to T-mobile from Sprint. I currently have a Sprint Galaxy Note 4 which is a CDMA phone. I did a little digging and saw that the phone can receive these bands:


    LTE 750

    LTE 1700

    WCDMA 850

    WCDMA 1900

    WCDMA 2100

    CDMA 850

    CDMA 1900

    GSM 850

    GSM 900

    GSM 1800

    GSM 1900



    Would this phone work on the T-mobile network? In particular, would this receive LTE within the Atlanta, GA area? I just purchased this phone within the past 6 months and would hate to have to buy another phone to make the switch.

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