Samsung Note 4 Themes (Where are they? SG6 has them, Why doesn't the Note 4)




    It's a bit disappointed that the Note 4 does not come with Theme support that the SG6 does.


    Does Samsung plan on providing Theme support for the Note 4 like they do for the SG6?


    The Note 4 is a flagship device that is very expensive and just as "new" as the SG6, and I'm at a loss why Samsung doesn't provide Theme support for this device out of the box or at the very least, and timely update to all Note 4 users.


    Can someone at T-Mobile please provide a response on whether Samsung will provide the Theme support for the Note 4 like they do for the SG6?


    Thank you.


    P.S. The cyan-like color for the settings menu is really an eye sore after awhile.


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        Talk to Samsung. Their next update overseas didn't have theme support like the S6 does. I don't see why the T-Mobile version would be the only version getting the support if Samsung never wrote it for their other counterparts.

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          No I don't work for T-Mobile, but you can expect to see what Europe and Asia got.

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              Thanks for the quick reply. I think the phone h/w is really good (minus the change from USB 3 to USB 2, the poor viewing angles of the AMOLED screen, and I'm still not sure about them using the diamond pattern PenTile screen vs the standard RGB strip [which I read was a cost cutting measure] -- while the screen is sharp, something just seems off compared to the iPhone 5 standard IPS RGB screen.) Anyways, the tangent was because I would've bought the SG6 had it had the SD Card Slot and Removable Battery, but I went with the Note 4 knowing it had this (I'm coming from the SG4 -- also, yes the SG4 also is AMOLED with the PenTile Screen, but the "offness" is not as noticeable as the Note 4.)


              Getting back to the topic, I know the XDA developers are coming out with hacks to include this and it seems like it's semi-working for most who try, so I don't understand why Samsung is not at least pushing this update to the Note 4 because it doesn't seem like it's mission impossible. I can understand not the Note 3, SG5 or earlier phones (but should be at a later date,) but this is a current flagship phone. I guess I asking that it would be helpful if T-Mobile could apply pressure on Samsung, after all, how much pressure could I put on them? I can send them an email, but it'll probably go to CS level 1 and die there. Money talks and T-Mobile is big enough to apply some pressure for a feature, again I reiterate, that customers will appreciate. I don't care for, and I'm sure most agree, the junk "free" gift phone apps, Milk and other stuff, I just want the ability to customize the phone the way I like + run the apps I want, with some form of privacy protection.


              I'm sure most Note 4 owners would be very happy to get this update rather than "Lollipoop" (which I don't want or care for, esp. after the Kit Krap nonsense of them disabling SD Card access, I can only imagine what they will limit now and how Android is further tracking what you do so they can target you with more ads and build more profile data about you and what you do.)


              Thanks for your reply.

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                  The pressure is the other way around.  Imagine if Samsung decided to pull their products from a carrier.  With a a huge following people may believe whatever Samsung says.


                  time constraints and to push people to buy newer.  They make money off the sale of devices.  They'll give a bone here and there, but they are hoping people will upgrade every year.

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                      Not to argue this case, but Samsung would not pull this phone or any other phone from T-Mobile -- TMO is a big mover of their phones, and like you mentioned, they make money off the sale of their phones -- it would be a big loss to their revenue if they pulled from TMO -- Samsung is no Apple, and people generally buy Samsung because of specific features, which have been lost from the SG6 (removable battery/SD Card slot -- now they are no different from any other Android phone.) Samsung likes to play games, esp. with their TV panel lotteries, but I doubt they'd play games with carriers. In this case, I think carriers have more weight to do this. Anyways, I think this will be my last Samsung phone going forward, and may move over to a Windows based phone, esp. once I see how well Windows 10 integration works out -- it would be nice, everything integrated,my phone, PC's, Dell 7130 tablet, and Xbox One media center (yes, there's smart glass, but I think Windows 10 may have additional functionality once released with an update to the Xbone.)

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                          Samsung has the leverage and can use it. They don't have to pull inventory. Just the public threat of doing so. Just the perceived notion they really want to support their products makes them look good and could increase their sales on other carriers to compensate


                          Yes they are like Apple. If they weren't they wouldn't be number 2. It's all in the marketing. The S6 will do better than the S5 and potentially better than the S4. Samsung's cult followers already trying to convince people what you mentioned is no longer needed.

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                              Samsung has the leverage to tell TMO no to adding themes to the Note 4? I don't believe that, esp. a public threat, in fact, nothing personal against you, but it would be quite laughable if they did -- it would be laughable to see Samsung publicly threaten TMO for not giving something to users that they want in a timely fashion -- it'll be a total backfire against them.


                              They are #1 because of the battery replacement/sd card, otherwise, they are just another Andriod Phone like LG / HTC, et. al, etc... Yes, there maybe a group of nuts / fanboys / "sheeple," / whatever the label of the day is, that follows Samsung to the edge of cliff along with others like Apple, but the majority of consumers is what keeps them in business. Without the phone battery/sd card, they are just another phone, esp. with the flip-flopping Google Android Kit Krap where they were for the sd card before they were against it and took away direct access for apps for it.

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                                  Again that's not the reason why they are number one. Every manufacturer offered the same thing since the galaxy S. It's their marketing that won people over. Go back during those times and look at sales numbers. It's their marketing and name recognition. Samsung puts more advertising dollars than their competitor and it has been working out.

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                                      OK, OK, let's agree to disagree. I'm sure there's a significant percentage of buyers who chose the SG4 (like I did over the HTC M8) and SG5 and Note 4 (vs. the SG6) because of those two features. For those users now, it's a slap in the face that we didn't get the Themes for Note 4 (and according to Chat support, there are no plans for Themes in the Note 4, it's exclusive to the SG6) It's like they gave users what they wanted, and now they are snubbing there noses at us like they know better than we do with what we want, and what we'll spend $700+ for. I don't think so. I convinced someone else not to buy the iPhone again because of the space limitation and the crappy force fed itunes to transfer files (can't even upgrade to IOS 8 because of no space, and refuse to pay the ridiculous markup for the 32GB+ versions.) They'll get the HTC M9 (with SD Card support) and then to Windows, with enough time for Microsoft to workout the issues with OS integration with Windows 10 by then.


                                      Anyways, I'll write to Samsung, but it would be appreciated by Note 4 owners if someone from TMO would take this to Samsung. The Note 4 is current flagship along with SG6, and it's priced relatively the same (the Note 4 being slightly more for the S Pen I assume,) so there's no reason why it shouldn't have this.

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                                          Like I said before. T-Mobile doesn't have the clout to do what you want. I wish you the best of luck. If Europe and Asia(especially Korea) didn't get it what makes you think T-Mobile of all companies will be able to get Samsung to do it?

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                                              Because TMO is the UNcarrier   Who wouldn't be (customers) on the side of the carrier pushing for something that I think most all Note 4 users (and SG5 users) would like to have, Just because Europe is happy with the fugly cyan menu settings, doesn't mean that US companies should push Samsung to have that update -- apparently Samsung is aware of this otherwise they wouldn't have developed this functionality. From what I read, supposedly South Korea is happy with the cyan menu (which I highly doubt.) If customers, anywhere, had a real choice, they'd change it. I'd rather it go back to black like the SG4 then to look at the eye sore cyan -- reminds me of my Commodore 64 in a bad way.


                                              Anyways, thank you for replies -- if nothing comes of it, I'll move to Nokia/Windows in a couple of years and I'll give my Note 4 to my Son as a WIFI gaming / email / browser device ( with a new battery )

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                                                  Good luck with that.  As I said never going to happen Europeans have more clout for the fact they don't bother with the carriers and will boycott for not getting what they believe they deserve... Not like here In the US where we expect carriers to do everything for them and blame the carriers for things they honestly have no control over. 

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                                                      Just to be clear -- I'm not blaming TMO or any carrier, but since we have a carrier, they are the best chance of even getting Samsung to listen. I'm very familiar with the type of flash used in phones and desktop / server drives and the cost of manufacturing / production is nominal between 16GB and 32GB, but the markup is gouging. Anyways, this will be my last reply. Thanks again for the discourse.

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                                                          They do not have the best chance...  Like I said T-Mobile doesn't have to clout.  T-Mobile would lose customers if Samsung decided to take their products away.  It would hurt T-Mobile more than it would hurt Samsung..It goes back to the line I used.Consumers have more clout than carriers.  Look at what Europeans did to Motorola, and HTC and how they changed things.  HTC even gave the M7 and M8 theme support.  This mindset was changed by the European consumers nearly taking them both under. " Europeans have more clout for the fact they don't bother with the carriers and will boycott for not getting what they believe they deserve"


                                                          There is more than production costs.  Supply demand, and logistics.  It may cost $8 on paper, but there's a lot more to it.

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                                                        Yep, which is why they didn't get my $ with the initial SG line -- I got the HTC G2 that supported that, and so did a lot of the people I know who also wanted those features. Prior to that, I didn't care, it was Blackberries and Treo's supplied by the companies I worked at and I had no need for SD/Batteries -- they were rudimentary devices (compared to today) that I just needed for voice/email.

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                                                      Since the Galaxy S Samsung was a marketing giant. No SD card and no removal battery is a recent thing for most companies. Samsung didn't become that big because of those as every manufacturer offered the same thing. There's a reason for the storage mark up and Samsung did the same thing. When and if the other manufacturers decide to do the same thing. You'll see similar markups.


                                                      We'll definitely have to agree to disagree.

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                                                    No it won't... Backfire seriously. Think for a minute. Look at all the complaints for support and wanting carriers to back off on delaying updates...


                                                    Also consider. All of Europe T-Mobile doesn't surpass in sales. You honestly think T-Mobile has the leverage to push for something even Europe didn't get?


                                                    We are talking leverage here. Manufacturers will always have more than carriers. The only time where you can think carriers has more leverage would be something like Sony(trying to get the ball rolling or selling off the mobile division) where the company is in limbo and are in desperate need of sales.

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                                          Well, now that we got our clown colored lollipoop material design scheme, with that terrific teal background and yellow text, I'm done with Samsung. The phone looks like 2 y.o. gone wild with crayons. I've complained to Samsung and as suspect, it will fall on deaf ears. Unless Oh-Hyun Kwon or Gregory Lee actually reads those reviews or listens to what support has been receiving as complaints, and does something about it like updating Note 4 user phones with the Theme Engine, I'm done with Samsung.