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    Which department can I actually order this from?

      I'm trying to purchase one of these routers to replace our current wireless-n router. I have t-mobile service; I've had it for over 10 years. I went to 2 stores yesterday, neither of which had the device. I went to my different store today. They told me I couldn't have one unless my phone supported wi-fi calling; I told them I'm not trying to lease or rent it, but to purchase it outright. The individual read from the script on her screen, repeating the same restrictions. I left rather than argue with a blank wall.


      I called tech support. They can only lease me one, but since I am looking to purchase one, they have to send me to sales. Understandable. So far, so good. Get transferred to sales. The individual says it will cost $109 for the Mifi device. I correct them, saying it it for the "wifi" router and should be $99 for t-mobile customers. He places me on hold. I get disconnected. I wait for a few minutes, but receive no callback even though my callback number was confirmed by the individual. I call 611 again, confirm "yes" at the prompt to continue with my issue. I am connected to tech support again. I re-explain the issue with them, they understand, try to transfer me to sales. Get connected with an individual, but who is in the wrong department. (I received a voicemail from the individual in tech support, apologizing for transferring me to the wrong department). This individual again thinks I am trying to order the mifi LTE hotspot. I explain that I want to purchase the wifi router. He transfers me to Customer Care.


      Customer Care thinks I want to lease the router, stating that I can't because I already have the cellspot booster. I explain again that I am trying to purchase the router. They transfer me to Sales again. The individual in Sales, after explaining what I would like to buy, transfers me to a different person in sales; possible a different section of the sales department. The last person I spoke to, stated that she thought Tech Support would need to do the procedure. I explained to her that no, tech support will refer me back to her, as they can set up an order for a lease, but not a purchase. She placed me on hold, confirmed, and came back on the line. She suggested contacting the local stores, as they can also sell the devices. She stated that she was in a section of sales that couldn't actually place the order. I explained the issue I had earlier with the in-store service. She understood. She stated that she would speak to her manager, and placed me on hold. After a few minutes on hold, she came back and asked if it was ok to call me back when she had an answer, sometime within the next 30 minutes. I agreed, she confirmed my number and disconnected the call. That was 30 minutes ago.


      I have spent over an hour on the phone trying to purchase this router, and another 30 minutes waiting for a call back. I have gone to 3 different stores, only to find that it either isn't in stock or to have someone read from a script thinking I am trying to lease the device instead of purchase it.


      Please tell me exactly which department can place the order for the router for me, and how to get in contact with them directly. Maybe even allow Tech Support to place such an order, as they have been the only ones so far to understand that I want to purchase this device on the first explanation. The last person in Sales was incredibly nice, and I do appreciate her efforts in trying to find who can order this for me, instead of just dumping me off to a different department. But please, either tell me who to contact directly that can order this, or better train your sales department on the devices that are available for purchase and how to let the