Unlimited Data, Really?

    We are signed up with the simple choice plan and it says "Unlimited talk, text & data while on our network with no overages". However an overage does occur when 2.5 GB are reached witch happens about halfway through the billing cycle. When the overage occurs, data speed goes down to a ridiculously slow 128 kps connection which takes you back to old days dial-up modem era of the early 1990's when the internet first opened up to the public. When this  threshold is reached, there's basically nothing you can do with data exception watching a and endless loading icon for a while before an error message that your connection is lost appears. I know being honest to your clients is crucial to your business, so please call things by their names and don't call this "Unlimited data", simply because it is not.

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      • gramps28

        Re: Unlimited Data, Really?

        This is pretty clear to me. Then when you go to the fine print it you can

        read the rest there.


        Cell Phone Plans | Cheap Cell Phone Plans & Unlimited Data | T-Mobile


        Choosing a plan has never been this simple.

        At T-Mobile, simple means one plan with everything. Our Simple Choice Plan comes with:
        • Unlimited talk, text, and data on our network starting with up to 1GB of 4G LTE data per month.
        • No annual service contracts or domestic overage fees—ever.
        • NEW! Data Stash, which rolls your unused 4G LTE data into the next month. Available with 3GB and 5GB data options—at no extra charge! PLUS you’ll get up to 10GB 4G LTE data FREE to use first.
        Free 10GB: Limited-time offer, once per customer. Data avail. until 12/31/15. Use free 10GB before data begins rolling; rolled data good for 12 mos.
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            The words "unlimited" and "up to" are contradictory. They simply don't go together. "Up to" mean it's "limited". 128kbps means literally a zero speed connection by today's standards. Therefore, this is misleading to the public. Also the average customer doesn't understand the difference between connection speed and data threshold or quota. These are 2 different things and the customer needs to be able to discern between them when ordering.

              • gramps28

                Re: Unlimited Data, Really?

                Unless you have a truly unlimited data plan then you have an allotment

                of LTE data but once you go over that allotment you still have data albeit

                throttled but you don't get charged overage for using it.


                This has been discussed many time on this board and the wording makes sense

                to me or cause me to feel misled.


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                    I just read the other thread and it has not been answered as far as am concerned.


                    Ok, now we are talking about "Unlimited" and "Truly Unlimited". It's like there's a "Truly Free" and "Free" which is not as free as the "truly free". You know what I mean? How about we tell customers that "Truly Unlimited Plans means Unlimited" and "Not so unlimited plans are extremely slow plans after the allotment." Would that be more fair to them?

                      • gramps28

                        Re: Unlimited Data, Really?

                        It's more about reading comprehension.


                        It's reads unlimited , talk, text and unlimited data on our network with up to , insert GB:s,

                        of LTE data.


                        Up to means you have limited LTE data but after reaching your threshold you still have

                        access to data.


                        If Tmobile didn't advertize the 1GB of LTE data part then it would be misleading but since they do

                        it's not.

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                            Now we are talking "unlimited data" vs "unlimited LTE data".  My concern is that an average customer doesn't know what the difference is. If I have unlimited 128 kbps data, is that going to make a difference? That's a joke because it's like I have no data! That's not practical but the wording is obviously chosen to lure customers into buying then lead them into upgrading to "truly unlimited". Let's not waste our time here, please call things by their name.


                            unlimited data plans SHOULD mean unlimited, period, T-MOBILE data plans are NOT unlimited because of the above reasons.

                              • gramps28

                                Re: Unlimited Data, Really?

                                From the FTC and how can't you figure out that you have a limited amount of LTE data

                                when it states it in big print..


                                FTC Says Unlimited Data With Throttling Doesn’t Count as Unlimited | Re/code


                                Update: In a conference call with reporters, Rich said that the FTC’s concerns relate specifically to how carriers are advertising their services.

                                “This case is about false advertising,” Rich said in response to a question from Re/code. “It’s not about throttling. We’re not challenging throttling in and of itself.”

                                Rich said that so long as it is made clear to customers, carriers can employ the practice: “If it’s clearly disclosed, if a company advertises unlimited, but very clearly discloses their practices with regard to throttling we would not challenge that action.”

                                  • miket

                                    Re: Unlimited Data, Really?

                                    Gramps -

                                      To give the OP the benefit of the doubt ---

                                    Don't forget that many users have English as a 2nd language.  Thus, the OP might be having trouble understanding what seems perfectly clear to us and most everyone else.

                                    An aside - We use "throttled data speeds" that TM gives you for free overseas.  Google maps, email, FB etc. work well.  Since we don't do online games or video when on the TM network, I wonder if we would even notice if we evry got throttled. 

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                                        I speak, read, write English perfectly. Below is what it says on my plan. # 3 says "Unlimited talk, text & data while on our network with no overages". This is simply in direct contradiction with #2 which limits it to 2.5 of 4G LTE. #2 does not mention anything about slow 128 kbps speeds or throttling. You mentioned "fine print" where it it? That's all the info I found on my account:


                                          1. No annual service contracts.
                                          2. Up to 2.5GB of 4G LTE data per line included instead of 1GB through 2015 at no additional charge. (Reverts to up to 1 GB LTE data per line after 2015.) Plus, optional additional high-speed 4G LTE data available.
                                          3. Unlimited talk, text & data while on our network with no overages.
                                          4. First 4 lines for $100 a month; add more lines if eligible for $10.00 per month, per line.
                                          5. Unlimited international data and text while roaming in 120+ countries and destinations and calls are just $0.20 per minute.
                                          6. Unlimited streaming from great services like Pandora and iHeartRadio that doesn’t count against your 4G LTE data included at no extra charge with a Simple Choice Plan.
                                          • miket

                                            Re: Unlimited Data, Really?

                                            You are right.  If you just read #2 - you shouldn't have data at all once you've used up your fast data.

                                            #3 Just refers to "data" - No speed mentioned.


                                               Anyway - IF you are still within the 14 day return period you can turn in anything you bought.  Since there is no contract, you can leave anytime for a carrier that will either:

                                               1. Cut you off from data when your allowance is used

                                               2.  Or, just keep giving you more data and add $$ to your bill.


                                               There ARE choices.  If you prefer one of the choices listed above rather than the one TM has - switch.


                                               BTW -  I think the prepay, MetroPCS, does have "UNlimited" fast data.  I wouldn't know whether there are other limitations - like no tethering.   TM allows tethering until the fast allowance quantity is used.

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                                                Comparing with other providers or switching is not the point. I just want T-Mobile marketing and advertising to be a little more ethical. When I first ordered, I knew my connection will slow down at some point, but not to this extent! I strongly recommend that T-Mobile increases it's non LTE speed to at least 500 kbps to be truthful to its word. If not, then that would obviously speak to the luring strategy I mentioned before.