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    Iphone 6 LOCKED

      Hello , well I wanted to say they have more control over their mobiles, I bought an iPhone gold 64gb and when I turned back to Ecuador and not working the cellphone because they had already locked. I lost 800 dollars ... but of course you block cellular and get a new one the person who sold me the phone .. at least find out well ... that such people do not make other fraud because you do not get on well . THANKS

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          I'm sorry you got ripped off. Many people are getting burned nowadays when buying phones secondhand. In the past, when we only needed to be concerned about the device being fully functional, it was great to buy used and save money. Now, we have to confirm that the device is fully paid for, which is not always easy to do.

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            We appreciate you taking the time to reach out and provide your feedback!  Without meeting the requirements found here: Unlock your mobile wireless device T-Mobile is unable to request an unlock on your behalf.  However, there are a host of third party unlock options out there for you.  A  quick Google search should get you on your way.  The very best of luck!