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    iPhone 6 was replaced under warranty - now financed but original phone wasn't


      I've talked to Customer Service a few times and I've also talked to Apple Care and been to the Apple store because I'm worried my phone might get blocked but this is my problem:


      My phone was bought outright by a family member and I received it as a gift. After about two weeks my phone was replaced because of blue screen issues. The new phone had a warranty issue where it was showing up as not under warranty - this was fixed by Apple. Then, however, the phone's imei was showing up online on the T-Mobile imei check as being financed. This is not possible because the original phone was never financed. When I talked to Customer Service the phone's imei number is not tied to any account and it is nonexistent in the system but it is still showing up online as financed on the T-Mobile imei check website.


      I talked to T-Mobile Customer Service again yesterday and was told yet again to not be worried that my phone will get blocked but since it is still showing up online as financed I'm not sure what to believe. Apple said they don't want to replace the phone because the same issue would just transfer to the new imei number. I am looking to sell my phone in two years or earlier and I don't want someone to think that my phone will get blocked when I am looking to sell it. I am not using T-Mobile but ultra mobile but I was assured that it wouldn't matter because my phone is not attached to any T-Mobile account. I'm just wondering if the imei will ever be showing up as clear in your online database or if it will always show up as financed since this will be a problem for me if I am ever selling my phone. My phone was replaced on February 20th and it is still showing up as financed online so I'm just wondering.