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    Major unresolved issues; what to do?

      I just recently (less than a week) activated service with T-Mobile's prepaid service. At Walmart I purchased the ZTE Zinger and a $30 refill card to use the $30 Unlimited Text & Data plan available from Walmart only (and only with new activation). I got home, let the phone charge, and then started the activation process.


      I followed the steps to activated the service on the website. I initiated the port-in process to bring my number. Everything went fine until the final step where I encountered my first problem, final step being funding your account and selecting your plan. The options are to use a purchased refill card or use a bank/credit card. Being I bought the card I selected that option. I entered in the card pin number as requested, gave it a moment, and it came back telling me the card pin number is invalid. I double checked I had not made a mistake and tried again; same result. I decided to try one more time to ensure everything was entered correctly and properly and got the same result.


      At this point, and being a bit frustrated, I decided I just use the bank card option just to get the service going and I'd figure out the card issue later. I completed that process successfully however afterwards it was telling me I have paid the $30 for a month of service and that I have a $30 available balance. After feeling like I was in the twilight zone for a moment, I concluded that the refill card I tried to enter previously somehow completed the redeem process. Of course, without my knowledge or any sort of notification etc.


      Okay so to summarize, issue #1 is that I was unnecessarily charged an additional $30. I'm assuming I could get a refund from the bank card transaction however I am sure it would be a trying process. I don't feel like spending hours on the phone trying to explain what happened while they check and verify everything and eventually get a refund days later as I'm assuming would be the case. So I've decided to just leave the balance there for the next month.


      Okay so, on to issue #2. After waiting over 48 hours my number was finally ported in and my service was officially started. All seemed well and good with no issues. At least at first, until... I sent some text messages. Rather than give the full lengthy story I'm going to provide the short version.


      Turns out I am able to send text messages just fine. The problem is, I am unable to receive any text message UNLESS it is from another phone using T-Mobile service also. I can't receive text messages from any other carries phones. I'm also unable to receive messages from short codes and that sort of thing. Being my bank has text banking I tried it and sure enough I am not receiving any responses from them. However I have no trouble receiving short code messages from T-Mobile themselves.


      I spent a very lengthy time on the phone with customer service initially and then a technical support specialist. After what seemed like endless troubleshooting and what have you, technical support finally gave up. They said that everything checks out perfectly fine and there is no explanation as to why I cannot receive text messages.


      This is actually what I was told nearing the end of the call; "You just have to hope for the best that it will start working after some time. There is nothing further we can do for you."


      That was it. I was told thanks for calling and was there anything else I needed at the moment. My mind blown, I said no and thanks and that was everything. We said our goodbyes and ended the call.


      So, I've now paid (twice) for a service that does not work as intended and cannot be resolved according to the technical support specialists.


      What am I suppose to do now? Any ideas?

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          Short codes do not work with prepaid plans and there is no workaround.


          You should be able to receive standard text messages from subscribers on other carriers. I've heard conflicting accounts of whether various tables/pointers need to be changed/updated (after a number is ported) in order for text messaging to work reliably. I'd give a few days and see what happens. If the issue doesn't clear itself up, call customer service again & ask for your call to be escalated.


          Unfortunately, prepaid support seems to leave a lot to be desired. I had a prepaid account for 1 month (while I tested the network & ported my # from AT&T) before converting to postpaid. Postpaid accounts have more perks (e.g., text messages via short codes, detailed billing) and generally offer better support, but the cost of their cheapest plans is higher than the $30/month you are paying now.

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            Hi coaltar!!


            Yikes! I am a huge texter myself, so I know exactly how important being able to send and receive text messages is! This is certainly not the experience we want for you! Did you get this taken care of, or are you still having challenges? If for any reason you are, allow us to take a closer look at this for you. While we would normally provide our email address, we are currently experiencing a very high volume of emails, and it may take 48 hours or more to hear back from us via that channel, so, with the interest of expediting your service and getting you taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible, we offer a private message through either Facebook or Twitter as an alternative. In doing so, please feel free to include the URL to this post as a reference. Thanks!

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              The issue has not been resolved. I'll try sending a private message on Facebook as you suggested.

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                Thanks coaltar, we'll look forward to assisting you there! I'm marking this discussion as "Assumed answered" since we'll be working with you via Facebook, but please feel free to start another discussion if you'd like our attention in the Support Community in the future :-)

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                  Just to update; the issue has been resolved. T-Force via Facebook was able to get things figured out for me through technical support. My ported number had to be re-broadcasted which got everything working as normal.


                  The issue with the payment arrangement hasn't been bothered with, which I said in my original post is okay. I'm just considering it payment for the following month.


                  So everything seems to be well now. Thanks.