Updating a sim card

    Hi, I have been a T-Mobile customer for years now and was using the Galaxy S 4G. I bought the Galaxy S4 and realized that my regular sim card was not compatible with the micro sim card slot on the S4. I called T-mobile and they told me I would be charged $10. When I went to the store to have the sim card installed and contacts transferred, I was charged $15.90 ($15 +tax) instead. I was under the impression that T-Mobile would provide a complimentary one, as stated here: https://support.t-mobile.com/thread/85132

    So far, the policies described by customer service online, in-phone, and in-person have all been different, and it is incredibly confusing and frustrating. Can someone please explain this discrepancy?

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      • e2k

        Re: Updating a sim card

        Did you buy your new device from T-Mobile? I believe that you have to buy the device from T-Mobile in order to get a new SIM card free of charge.

        • gramps28

          Re: Updating a sim card

          It also varies on location and if the store is a corporate or

          authorized reseller.


          When I needed new sims for my phones and went to the corporate store

          in my area I have never been charged once they ran my info on their computer.

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