Dual SIM phone advice?

    I travel frequently to Asia/Europe.  I would like a dual sim phone that will support 4G LTE and t-mobile wifi calling, Is this possible?  What would be my most affordable phone option?  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  I have been struggling to find a phone that fits the bill.  Thank You

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      • colleen.schake

        Re: Dual SIM phone advice?

        I Have an s4 mini duos but I know nothing about the countries and which frequen. they run on. I also had a couple of issues being charged by both carriers while using them even when one sim was turned off. Hasn't happened lately, but I love the phone.. Freq. can be found on the mfg websites. then you'd need to compare with services available in the area you'll be.
        I'm sure someone on here could post the freq. used.Smartphones & Cell Phones | Compare our Best Cell Phones & Smartphones

        • drnewcomb2

          Re: Dual SIM phone advice?

          I have not looked at dual-SIM phones in a while but last time I did, they had a primary and secondary SIM. The primary SIM "got all the love" (e.g. HSPA, LTE, etc) while the secondary SIM was GSM-only. Something you might want to consider when you look at specs.

            • colleen.schake

              Re: Dual SIM phone advice?

              My s4 mini allows you to choose which one gets the gsm only. i have

              t-mobile set to get both right now. And when it was giving me issues with

              both billing me for the call.

                • Hi Colleen/Dr Newcombe-  Thanks for response.


                  Can you get LTE on your mini?

                  Did you buy your phone from T-mobile?

                  Can you get the free t-mobile wifi calling on your mini?

                  (I heard you cannot get the free t-mobile wifi calling on a phone not purchased from t-mobile)




                    • drnewcomb2

                      Re: Dual SIM phone advice?

                      AFAIK, T-Mobile does not sell dual-SIM phones. It's not really in the interest of any carrier to facilitate your using a local prepaid. In the past, I've run around looking like I have Batman's utility belt with three phones: One job-issued, one roaming, one personal local prepaid.

                      I searched GSMarena.com and came up with these phones that are dual SIM and have LTE band 4:

                      • Sony Xperia Z3 D6633
                      • Asus Zenfone Zoom ZX550
                      • Huawei Ascend Mate7
                      • Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML
                      • Oppo N3

                      AFAIK, none would have WiFi Calling unless and until it's included in the Android OS.

                      • colleen.schake

                        Re: Dual SIM phone advice?

                        I got lte with ATT not with T-Mobile, both are prepaid plans but both offer different services. I didn't get data with T-Mobile so I wouldn't know if I can until I sign up for a data plan


                        I did not buy from T-Mobile

                        With att I had the option, however once I loaded the T-Mobile sim I got a firmware download and no longer have that option. I was told it was not T-Mobile. The phone still shows capability but it won't allow. I used to even get the pop up asking me if I wanted to use wifi or att. As I'd had it set that way so I could make calls with gvoice. Once T-Mobile sim was installed and the download and update of the firmware it no longer will ask.


                        Again I was told it wasn't a T-Mobile thing that did it but.... that's when it happened.


                        So... it is included in android op system. Was one of the reasons I purchased the phone. Now if I remove the sim will those features come back? I doubt it. It was a firmware update I'm positive.


                        I do know folks on this forum told me it wasn't a feature available on my device but I know it is. I used it with the att sim. but not with att. (gvoice)


                        However to use any on another carrier the plan you choose must allow it.


                        t-mo told me it wasn't avail on prepaid, and since many have posted they get it so ??? My personal opinion is that it is a t-mo thing.

                        I'd change back to att if I used the phone for more then emergency calling due to the issues with this and the inability to send or receive mms. I don't need it so $3 a month works for me for now.

                        If you go to the mfg site (Samsung) and look up duos you'll see they were meant for your purpose. US and other Country's so you can just install what ever sim that works off the gsm networks. (check the frequencies too tho) Some have duos that will carry both att and Verizon for coverage in between and love how it works. (they should work on T-Mobile if they work with att but.....


                        I won't spend the extra to find out why or how. I do know T-Mobile had issues with the s4 reg. as they told my son that when he wanted to bring his phone and talked him into trading it in for one of theirs. (s5)

                        If I really needed it I'd do a factory reset and just plug the att sim back in.


                        hope that helps a bit.


                        More users that have dual sim options I hope will chime in for you.

                  • colleen.schake

                    Re: Dual SIM phone advice?

                    Ok On t-mo I only get 2g and on att I had 4glte
                    wifi calling is missing a packet after inserting the t-mo sim. I'll be trying to do a system update later and see if any is corrected. I may remove the sim and go straight att then another hard reset if it doesn't change and see what happens. My device is not rooted.

                    • Re: Dual SIM phone advice?

                      Thanks for the overview.... However any Dual SIM phone that also does WIFI Calling available?  I travel quite a bit and I frequently call home using WiFi calling.  I currently use 2 Iphone 6's.  One for local use and one for WIFI Calling.


                      Any help would be appreciated,


                        • colleen.schake

                          Re: Dual SIM phone advice?

                          My Samsung s4mini is capable with the service.  I don't have a post paid

                          plan however which tmobile said i needed to use it.

                            • Re: Dual SIM phone advice?

                              Great...  So your S4 mini has both

                              - Dual SIM

                              - Wifi calling


                              Did you have to buy it from T-mobile?  How was the WIFI calling enabled?  Did you have to root it?  What version of Android are you running on it? 


                              Appreciate the help,



                                • colleen.schake

                                  Re: Dual SIM phone advice?

                                  I did not purchase from t-mobile that's why I can't get wifi calling.
                                  I had wifi calling so I know it did work, just not with tmobile.
                                  Did not have to root it.
                                  charging the phone right now I'll check on the version later, but I have to say I know several that had dual sim phones from samsung purchased elsewhere and worked fine overseas too. the s4 also did the same, and there was "blu" cheaper phone I had done research on that got good reviews for being able to use wifi calling and had 4glte.
                                  I used the reviews found on line. This phone is getting to the "old" point and you may want to look at newer versions, however all new phones have to be "tested" and the kinks worked out of them. I don't use mine that often to waste my hours on the phone with t-mobile or Att to get them to work.
                                  I have seen awesome reviews on verizon services however so I'll be looking at those next.
                                  long and short of it, t-mobile doesn't support any phone not purchased from them so you'd likely have to fight tooth and nail to get them to help you work on the issues.
                                  I gave up on the wifi calling with t-mobile because they told me I can't get it with prepaid. ie... it's only FREE with the postpaid plan and isn't available on the prepaid plans which are supposed to be the same via service.
                                  but they aren't~~~~~~~~~

                            • corriganbp

                              Re: Dual SIM phone advice?

                              I was getting ready to upgrade my phone after reading about the dual sim features on the latest Samsung phones and found out that alas, this feature only appeared to be offered internationally.  I have known for years that the mobile market is much more competitive and flexible outside of the USA, although the trade off is that our networks tend to lead the way (excepting countries like S Korea).  However, I expect AT&T and Verizon to prevent dual sim, but I expect more from the un-carrier.  Yes, TMobile's network is good in the USA and western europe, but there are some countries where it can only provide 2G and local providers are 3G and it would be wonderful to pop in that second sim card for those situations.  Please tmobile lead the way and be the first USA carrier to support Dual Sim phones.