What questions do you have about using this community


    We'd like to gather some feedback to make the onboarding/joining experience easier for this support community.


    Answers provided in reply may make their way in to improving the initial welcome email we send and what FAQs we provide to new members to make their lives easier and keep them coming back.

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      • colleen.schake

        I think they have something sorta like this on "suggestions" ....
        But for newbies it would be nice to have a "special features" to help you navigate the site. I guess it's like many others tho'. trial and error and ask the community.

          • tmo_ryan

            Personally speaking, my goal is to rebuild the Welcome to the Community email that first gets sent out, rebuild some of the default email templates and then rework the Getting Started area of the site.


            The vast majority of folks that join up tend to just come to ask their one burning question and then they bounce. However for those that do stick around longer we want to make it a great place to hang out, stay current on the latest T-Mobile info and foster a good two-way dialogue.


            I'm not going to get really preachy about the whole approach we take to business but it really is the mindset we have from John and down through our front-line employees to listen to our customers since they'll pretty much tell you exactly what they want.

          • smplyunprdctble

            I know the question I'm going to ask is ambiguous, but a lot of people will probably ask "how quickly can I get a response?"


            I know we have some members of the community without lives (I can't help it.. oh wait, I'm trying to fix that...  at least Monday evenings for a while I'm not around... don't ask.. I can't tell) that are pretty good with getting replies out that are somewhat helpful, but there's a number of questions (especially Billing or Account related) that need one of y'all to intervene.


            I would say some sort of SLA, but I'm sure Billing would have a higher turnaround than Android or General, but we don't want people posting everything in Billing because it gets a response in X timeframe instead of Y timeframe.  But, telling people when they sign up (or post or wherever it gets put) that the community usually responds in a shorter time frame when the experts are available, but T-Force will come around after X timeframe of no replies (aka, don't bump your thread), excluding weekends, holidays, and Ryan's vacations.


            I know this timeframe has been harder with the cleanup efforts going on, but hopefully something that can be pseudo-documented for the folks who get impatient and are angry that they post at 23:47ET and haven't gotten a response by 7:13ET the following morning (I HAVE seen this).  It could also keep the bumps in the night out if someone knows bumping their thread will cause a delay in y'all.



            Additionally, maybe an explanation in signing up on the 36 hour rule.  I've seen a handful of posts that the 36 hour rule sweeps under the rug because nobody responds, then they do a couple days (weeks, I think a month in one case) later and I have no idea if y'all catch it or not.  I know the rule is base on how long it should take to get back if a solution doesn't work (notices DO go to email, after all, and we do know it's next to impossible to get people to say "thanks, it's resolved now" [I HATE my folks where I work because of this -- and our rule is 30 days.. simply because our stuff revolves around Financial Close cycles]) and if something is important to someone they should find the five minutes to respond, but I suspect people don't always know the 36 hour rule is going to happen until after it does.

              • tmo_ryan

                I think this question is tough to really answer for a number of reasons:


                1. This is first and foremost a peer-peer community - As currently designed, it's not intended to be another full support channel. This mostly comes down to the fact that it is not a secure system...in the sense that we are unable to actually verify someone's identity nor permitted to ask for those details due to various legal requirements we must comply with. This is why T-Force directs folks to Twitter/FB since those platforms have a secure authentication system in place similar to chat that let's T-Force verify account info.
                2. SLAs are great but hard to enact - There are actually some SLA expectations primarily for Billing (not saying we always hit them), less so for other areas, that said T-Force works across many social channels and the volume is often at ridiculous manic levels especially when your CEO has 1.1 Million followers on Twitter . Truly though, T-Force is often insanely busy and the volume ebbs and flows so you'll often see T-Force show up here en mass when stuff is slower, other times we'll get our normal staff of them and other times they'll all be pulled to work handle the other social channels. We're working to stabilize and add staff but that takes time. Not sure we'll ever publicly state a SLA though.

                Commitment: That said, we can at least provide guidance and also work to set proper expectations when folks are a) joining up/registering or b) once they've asked a question.


                Handling Urgent Asks


                As far as if you stumble across threads that seem to be bumping you can feel free to put out the fact that this is peer-peer and that they can use the official contact channels or head over to Twitter/Facebook. We have 24/7 coverage now on FB/Twitter so they should likely get a response. Inevitably if it is truly something where we're going to need to access an account we'll have to direct them over there anyway. You can also flag it for general abuse or the like and just include a note so it gets called out. There are folks allocated to address the moderation queue.


                36 Hour Notice


                There is definitely opportunity for improvement here and one of the reasons I've been out in the community so much lately, getting a feel for things. It's a tough nut to crack given some constraints we have on our side but I've drafted up some ideas, just need to get all the pieces in place. Personally, I'd like to take a balanced approach where we get the folks needing account related support redirected to the appropriate channels while also allowing peer-peer interactions to provide the bulk of the answers (we need more peers though obviously to spread the load) with staff using judgment to step in when necessary. It can be a bit tough when you have, at times, a dozen plus T-Force members trying to coordinate who tackles which question and then other times where you might have only one person fielding Billing questions.


                Commitment: Working on it. Not sure we'll ever communicate the specifics but I'd like to bring more transparency to the answers.

              • For whatever it's worth, there are two things that are very bothersome to me.


                1)  I think the "36 hour notice" is an insult to the person who originally started the thread.  To me, when the person is told --

                It's been over 36 hours since our last comment so we are now marking this post as assumed answered. You can continue to post, and other community users may respond, but if you would like assistance from T-Mobile or T-Force, please create a new discussion.

                -- it basically states that after 36 hours the T-Mobile admin. people no longer care.


                2)  Constantly being told to go repeat yourself on Facebook or Twitter is ridiculous.  If it is a specific persons account problem, why can't the question be answered with PM's right here on the forum WHERE THE QUESTION WAS ASKED?  What sort of magic does Facebook or Twitter hold? 

                  • tmo_ryan

                    Hi squeekster


                    #1 is something that we're looking at. Since this community is currently set up as peer-peer discussions and some top-down sharing of information (support content and blog posts). T-Force is there to provide a bit of a safety net should a question go un-answered by other individuals in the community and help redirect individuals to the various secure communications platforms for account related issues so the conversation can continue (Chat/Facebook/Twitter/611/etc) which leads in to #2. The same capability to resolve issues exists through calling care, chat and social support (Facebook/Twitter) so there are many options to address concerns.


                    #2 If you're being directed to Twitter/Facebook it should only be for instances where T-Force needs to access your account like billing issues, handset exchanges, something resulting in a trouble ticket, etc. For account security, employees are not permitted to access a customer's account (I wouldn't want someone just opening my account any time they feel like it) and in order to get the details to access the account the user's identity needs to be verified. Twitter/Facebook both offer a Legal approved secure authenticator option which we use to validate these items so the conversation can continue (just like if you call in you have to verify the last 4 of SSN, password, etc). The community platform currently does not offer this capability. If a technological solution with compliance to account privacy standards becomes available then we'd be able to use it. Currently it does not so we cannot. We know it's not the ideal situation and as individuals it would make our lives a lot easier as well. We continue to evaluate options.

                  • colleen.schake

                    If we click to view the conversation from email it takes us to the thread but then we have to sign in. Then we are bounced to another page. Would be nice if it just signed us in and let us stay on the page we are viewing.

                    • colleen.schake

                      I think this was mentioned before but it's not in this thread... so at the risk of repeating....
                      When we are here and want to check on our account we have to sign in using our original passwords. I've been signing in with my fb account so needless to say when I try to sign in on my account to view it, I forget the password since all our pages and apps require a different set of credentials. My brain just doesn't hold all those differences. LOL
                      Need to be able to sign in to check out accounts using fb or google too. Thanks for considering!