galaxy S5 from verizon.  want to turn on mobile hot spot.  something's wron

    I have a verizon Galaxy S5.  I have the APN all setup so it works great for 4GLTE, for SMS messaging, and for calls.  But I would like to make it into a hot spot.  I realize I will have to pay t-mobile for hot spot service - that's ok. Problem is with the configuration or the verizon software.


    This is what happens when I try to turn on the hot spot;


    I choose setup > more networks > Mobile Hotspot.  It shows me the device name and a nice graphic.

    I turn it "ON".  It says, "Checking subscription Status".  Then it says "Unable to connect.  Mobile number not found."


    That's all. no mobile hot spot. 


    Please help!

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