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    Unlock phone

      I sold my phone the other day and they didn't tell me they wanted it unlocked but now they do. The phone is payed off and The imei number is354409066204806. Can somebody unlock it for me?

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          also I have already tried calling T-Mobile but they keep asking what number is associated with the phone and I gave them my number then the account holders number and it didn't work. There's not a number associated with it since I sold it. There's no sim card in it.

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            Please review the unlock requirements. If you meet the requirements, call customer service or initiate a chat session from the contact us page to request an unlock code.


            Regarding former customers, only those that had a postpaid account are eligible for an unlock code. If you had a prepaid account, I'm afraid that you would not be eligible for an unlock code unless you reactivated the phone on T-Mobile, and made the minimum amount of refills ($25 for non-smartphone & $100 for a smartphone).

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              there's not a button to click under chat it just says live chat and it's blank. And I have tried calling customer service but it keeps asking what number is associated with the phone and I give them mine but it won't work. The phone was under my number but I paid it off and got a new one.

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                When the recording asks for your phone #, hit zero. When it asks for your # again, hit zero a second time, and you should be connected to an agent.


                Did you have a prepaid or a postpaid account?

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                  tthank you. And postpaid