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    Cannot Enable Multicasting (IGMP Proxy) For HDHomeRun Tuner



      I paid $100 for this baby yesterday in hopes to get wifi calling to work at my house (I had to pay that because i have a cell-fi in the house as well).


      I run Windows Media Center for my TV/DVR and it's awesome. But the computer now loses tuners often, it's very frustrating. I know that it has to have multicasting enabled to ensure windows tracks the tuners so I went to the router settings > LAN > IPTV and selected enable on Enable multicast routing (IGMP Proxy) as well as Enable efficient multicast forwarding (IGMP Snooping).


      Well, it turns out that it doesn't enable. it just goes back to disabled. I tried one at a time and nothing. I reset the router.. to find that it didn't work, either. I haven't had luck googling the issue aside from dumping the t-mobile firmware and going to official ASUS firmware on the router itself. I found in another forum that UPNP doesn't work well with NAT Acceleration, so I disabled that.. still nada.


      I'm very frustrated that this sweet router that works okay for wifi calling will not support my hdhomerun prime tv tuner. I figured I'd ask here before taking it back. ..


      Anyone have any ideas? I just need Multicasting to work!!