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    Group Messaging

      This problem has been a known issue with T-Mobile for over a year now and nothing has been done about it. When can we expect an answer or a fix?!


      I have the iPhone 6 Plus and am having difficulties with group chats between iPhones and Androids.

      For example: While in a group chat between me (iPhone 6 on T-Mobile), 2 other iPhone users (one on AT&T, one on Verizon) and an Android user on a Verizon. I can see the group messages from the two iPhone users but not from the Android user. However, the Android user can see mine and the other two iPhone users can see the messages from the Android user, which makes me believe it's something on T-Mobiles end.

      When will this KNOWN issue be fixed?

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          When you speak of "Group Messaging", do you mean via text (SMS) or via a third-party application, like Kik or Whatsapp? In the case of third-party apps, you're barking up the wrong tree. In the case of Short Messaging Service, this can be remedied and may not be T-Mobile's fault.


          I'm sure you've heard of the limitations inherent with iMessage and when those users switch platforms, it tends to affect those services you mentioned. This is out of T-Mobile's control. If you want to start a group SMS, enter multiple recipients in the TO: field and make sure that Group Messages aren't converted to MMS (which requires a data connection) via your built-in Messaging app's Preferences.


          If you need help, please don't hesitate to ask.

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            Group messaging as in SMS text. All of the other iPhone users (on AT&T and Verizon) can BOTH see the Android users replies, I cannot. All of my message settings are correct and I even tried a new group text between another T-Mobile user and the said Android user and both I and the other T-Mobile user did not receive the reply from the Android user. Which still makes me believe this is a T-Mobile issue.


            Look around the group messaging board and you'll see multiple other T-Mobile customers having the exact same problem. T-Mobile claims their engineers are working towards a solution, but we've yet to see one.

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                Hello there!


                Even with the added detail, I still think this isn't a T-Mobile related issue, and that's probably why your pleas aren't garnering a response because you're blaming the wrong party. Since you mentioned that the built-in messaging app is the focus, if you can't group message with other platforms then that sounds like a platform-related issue that T-Mobile cannot assist you with.


                But I will. I have contacts in my address book from all kinds of platforms, which include:




                Windows Phone



                Brew or other Proprietary OS (usually on Basic and Feature phones)


                If anyone can help you, it would be me.


                I eagerly await your input.

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                  I can group text with others just fine. Its ONLY when an Android user is involved in the said group text. The other parties in the same group text can see the Android user (however, they are on different networks). This is why it makes me believe it is a T-Mobile issue.


                  Also, if I'm in a group text with two or more T-Mobile users and we add an Android user to the chat- NONE of the T-Mobile users can see the Android users replies. But if I have a group chat with say a Verizon user, an AT&T user, and the Android user, they both can see the Android user.


                  There are several T-Mobile customers who are experiencing the exact same issue as I, heres two for example:


                  iPhone cannot receive group messages from android devices


                  The specified item was not found.

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                    Regardless of how much this issue crops up on the forum, you're still blaming the wrong party. If a message is seen by one platform and not the other on the same carrier (310260), then you've just proven my point. It's NOT a carrier issue. Tell those OP's that I'm more than willing to help them as well.

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                      It's not being seen by a platform on the same carrier. You must have read it wrong. I repeat, NOBODY on T-Mobile can see the messages from an Android user while in a group text. Everyone in the group text CAN see the messages from the Android user, except those of us who are on the T-MOBILE network. THEREFORE, it is a T-Mobile issue.


                      Stop replying because you're not helping.

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                        eshieldsvx4, tmo_ryan, tmo_brandy, tmo_will, tmo_elesa, tmo_mike


                        I find it hard to believe that it is not a T-mobile issue. I had an iphone with Verizon three months ago and never had issues receiving group text messages. I switched to T-mobile in December and got the Iphone 6. I have version 8.1.3 IOS. In my General Settings I have made sure that Group Messaging is ON.


                        The group messages I have been involved in have been with users on different networks and on different OS systems. Not EVERY text message but randomly - a text will not come through and I needed someone else to clarify what I missed. This has happened with two separate sets of groups. One group had three people the other group had 7 people. In the group of 3 my phone was the only one that didn't receive the message.


                        I am not using a third-party application like WhatsApp, just using the built in messaging.


                        Please tell me why you believe this is something other than a T-Mobile issue?

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                          Sorry for my late replies. The 1 train had a significant amount of police activity and it really threw a wrench in my plans to get home. I was stranded in Downtown White Plains for six hours and my battery life dropped like a rock...but I'm here to clarify any and all issues mentioned from my mattress...


                          I believe this to be platform-related, and it may sadly involve iMessage...

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                            Hello abcdeidre,


                            Thank you for reaching out to the Support Community! We definitely want to make sure that your Group Messaging is working as it should. This page has some great info on Group Messaging on and iPhone: Send a group message with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support If you are not the initiator of the Group Message and all parties are using SMS, instead of MMS, you may not receive all replies from users on the other platforms. Specifically, "If you send a message to multiple people and at least one person isn't using group messaging, an individual message will go to each recipient using either SMS or MMS. Only the original sender will get any responses to these messages, in separate message threads." We do appreciate your feedback and welcome any and all ideas.


                            Thank you!


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                              I am having this exact issue. I was at my T Mobile store yesterday and made the manager set up a group message between me and him and another of his co workers. His iPhone was doing the same thing mine was--we got some of her messages but not all. After I pointed this out he was very confused, and stated that he doesn't ever use the group messaging and uses a group messaging app, but that obviously there are issues w/ it. I was on the phone with a senior advisor at apple who has never seen such a thing, but our final conclusion is that there must be something going on between the apple connection and the t mobile connection. He is going to have the apple engineers contact the t mobile engineers to see if they can find a solution. I don't know what any of that means, and am not very optimistic, but he was very helpful and really wanted to get it fixed for me. The manager at t mobile was so frustrated with it that he offered to let me go back to android, even though my 14 day period is up. I will probably end up doing that.

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                                I'm also having the same issue.


                                I just switched to an Android phone (HTC One M8).


                                I have one group message going with 7 other people with iPhones, 2 on Verizon, 2 on AT&T, one on T-Mobile, again all iPhones. I receive all their messages in the group. They all receive my message EXCEPT my wife which is on T-Mobile

                                I made another group message, both with iPhone users on T-Mobile. Again, I receive their message but they don't receive my message.

                                I also made another group with 3 iPhone user NOT on T-Mobile. I receive their messages and they receive my messages.

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                                  I've followed all the suggestions in your post and none of them helped.

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                                    I too am having this issue, hours of being on the phone with Tmobile support and apple support have gotten me nowhere (they play the blame game back and forth).  Please escalate this to whatever techs can work on a fix, ashleymeganh sounds correct in assuming it's a communication issue between tmo and apple for sms/mms.

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