Vrizon unlocked HTC one (M7) , 4G does not work on T-Mobile

    I have recently purchased a Vrizon unlocked HTC one (M7) and put my T-mobile sim in it. However the data do not go beyond 2G (with the symbole E on the top ribbon). It is given the fact that HTC One is compatible with T-Mobile data network.

    I have seen similar question on the forum but there is no helpful answer to it.

    I have already went through steps in https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-6991#scenario4 and Generic T-Mobile data settings but nothing solved.


    Any suggestions?

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      • e2k

        LTE  (4G)

        1900  PCS+G / band 25  USA


        WCDMA  (3G / 4G)

        1900  PCS / band 2 (II)  Americas

        2100  IMT / band 1 (I)  Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Brazil, India, Israel


        CDMA  (2G / 3G)

        800  ESMR / BC10  Americas

        850  Cellular / BC0  Americas, Oceania, Brazil, Israel

        1900  PCS / BC1  Americas


        GSM  (2G)

        850  Cellular  Americas, Oceania, Brazil, Israel

        900  Europe, Asia, Africa

        1800  DCS  Europe, Asia, Africa

        1900  PCS  Americas


        Verizon version supports LTE 750 instead of 1900


        As noted above, the Verizon version of the phone does not support 1900 MHz or 1700/21000 MHz, which are the LTE frequencies that T-Mobile uses. You can get 3G on 1900 MHz if you are in a refarmed area (customer service can clarify if such us the case), but since you're only getting EDGE connectivity, it would seem that you are not in a refarmed area .