Text Spam - How Do I Stop It?

    The last 2 days I keep getting the following texts which are spam: (The spam message comes from the number 129)



    They are coming in quite frequently. How do I stop these? I keep deleting them and of course do not click on anything. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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      • you cant. tmo is quietly aware of their system being hacked and is suppose to be fixing it but apparently has not yet. http://www.tmonews.com/2015/01/spam-tmomail-sms-messages-affecting-a-number-of-t-mobile-customers/

        • srickar

          Re: Text Spam - How Do I Stop It?

          This was **NOT** answered correctly. 129 is voicemail text gateway. 129 is strictly dedicated to voicemail and has nothing to do with tmomail.net email. VVM stands for "Visual Voicemail".  That is visual voicemail text string. It's supposed to be a silent SMS that shouldnt be displayed to the end user. Some older incompatible phones cannot interpret the syntax string properly and display it as a text instead. OR if the app was deleted from the handset. The string instructs the visual voicemail client to sync, delete, mark as new/saved/delete on the device side. 

            • lucasnj

              Re: Text Spam - How Do I Stop It?

              I was wondering why it was coming into my sms inbox.  I have an older phone that is not compatible with  Visual Voicemail and I was trying figure out on how to stop 129 text.

                • dc5fan

                  Re: Text Spam - How Do I Stop It?

                  In my case I don't want to receive ANY texts except from T-Mo. I have poor eyesight. Besides I'm not the texting type, and never have been. Last week I called Customer Care, and I thought I had this fixed. Several minutes ago I received one from 91593. I called Customer Care again. The agent, Joel (187708), helped me. Is there someone here that check and make sure I won't receive anymore texts? I have an S5 (SM-G900A). I can't find anything to disable texts on this phone. Thanks for any help.