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    i buy t mobile iphone 6 in usa one guy came to me and told me he dont have money

      i buy iphone 6 just 3months used one black guy came to me and said he dont have money for food so he told me to buy iphone 6 t mobile so i buy iphone 6 and came to india to use but its i found its blacklisted thts vry upset thng i have buy so please t mobile this is not my fault im requesting to you please unlocked my phone 6 my imei number is 354406061560117  and my email id is dbest1_arman2000@yahoo.com if i unlocked my phone so please email me at the end i would say i just believe tht black guy for food he dont have n i buy tht phone which is blacklisted i dont know what to do soo please do the needful thanks bye