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    Just Switched After 10+ Years With ATT, BUT Starting To Have Doubts

      I travel a lot.  So, I was looking for another carrier that would give me great coverage and unlimited data.  ATT promised unlimited data, but they always seemed to cap my speeds, which did not make sense to me.  Aside from that, their insurance carrier sent me defective phones and they did not remedy all issues I mentioned.  It seemed like customer service levels dropped considerably, resulting in losing a lmg term customer.  I was reviewing other carriers andI was intrigued by T-Mobile's unlimited 4G LTE data/talk/text offers and no contract policy. So, I reviewed the main coverage areas I would need to use my phone.  T-Mobile's online coverage maps looked great for zip codes of interest (08902, 12084, 12144, and etc).  So, I switched to T-Mobile.  Now, I realize I may not be getting the premium service thos tv commercials show and based on coverage maps.  This was the last thing I expected based on what I researched.


      Two areas, zip codes 12084 and 12144 were shown to have great coverage on.  However, this does not seem to be the case based on actual use. I am getting dropped calls, folks are telling me they called and couldn't reach me, some stores I go into and try to make calls or use facetime I get no bars/service, even at home at times i get 2 bars.  This happens on both my Iphone 6s'.  Crazy thing is that, for the same scenarios when with  ATT, I never encountered such issues.  I restarted my phones, did everything it seems, but T-Mobile services are giving me issues.


      Aside from that, I got a higher military discounted monthly rate with ATT, then with T-Mobile it seems.  This is based on the rates reps informed me I would get, but it doesn't seem to be the case.


      But If I am paying for services advertised and shown to be great on coverage areas, I would expect to get great service, rightfully so.   I spoke with reps on phone and they tell me two different things regarding my T-mobile plan.  Seems like some reps need proper training.


      Again, the performance of the network is making me regret my decision of  leaving my last carrier.



      1-For now, does anyone know how a person can boost their signals (both 4g LTE and for call reception?  Is there anything that can be done?

      2-Is T-Mobile able to address my concerns and able to satisfy a new customer?  Can forum T-Mobile reps assist versus phone reps?