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    No Service in the Dominican Republic

      I am having a very annoying issue. I called T-mobile on Friday right before leaving to the Dominican Republic. I was told that my plan covers free data and texting ( will be charged for calls at 20 cents per minute) in the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, i have absolutely zero service ( no service everywhere ). The interesting thing is, my mother was in the Dominican Republic a few months ago and she received service herself. I am using an iPhone 6.


      The worst part is, my younger brother called for me in NYC and they asked me to remove the Sim card to give them the serial number, as well as reboot my phone. Now my iMessage is stuck on activation. I am stuck in the Dominican Republic for another week with 0 service. This blows.


      So to be clear, my phone shows "No Service"  on the upper left corner forever. I can use iMessage if on WiFi but that is pretty much it.


      All help would be greatly appreciated. I can't even contact T-mobile customer support due to having no phone access.

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          Ray, continuing our discussion; if you have zero service and you are on a postpaid Simple Choice plan and you can use WiFi Calling, I strongly suspect that something is wrong with your account settings and you should use WiFi Calling to contact T-Mobile's International Roaming Support line at +1-505-998-3793. They need to confirm that everything is set up right.

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            Hey, I logged into my tmobile account and it looks like roaming was blocked. I went ahead and unblocked it, and then had to select "Orange" as the carrier. Now I have 3g service and got a text from T-mobile welcoming me to the Dominican Republic.


            Just wanted to make sure what I did was ok ( selecting Orange ). Also got an abundance of texts haha.


            Anything else I should know? It changing any other setting beneficial or detrimental? Thanks!

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              As long as it's working OK you don't have to manually select a carrier. Sometimes the preferred carrier's data gets blocked or bogged down. That's when manually selecting a carrier helps. You should be getting around 150-200 kbps speed. Any more than that and just smile and enjoy the freebee. The key is that it's working OK. As long as it's working OK, you don't need to change anything.


              (I wish they were all this easy.)

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                Hi @ray_gran,


                Thank you for reaching out to the Support Community! It sounds like you're all fixed up and you were able to get your phone up and running while traveling! Awesome news! I just wanted to let you know if you are ever in need of Contact Us when you are without phone service but you have internet access, please try out our online Live Chat. There is a link to the Chat team on the Contact Us page and we find Chat is a great solution when unable to make a call in to us.


                Thank you!


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                  Hello! It's been more than 36 hours since our last comment so we are now marking this post as assumed answered. You can continue to post, and other community users may respond, but if you would like assistance from T-Mobile or T-Force please create a new discussion.