Can I unblock a phone reported as stolen if I am not the original owner?

    I recently purchased a phone from someone and called T-Mobile to make sure the IMEI was not blocked. I was told that the phone is not associated with any T-Mobile account and that the balance was $0. This most likely means that the person cancelled their account and fully paid off the phone. If he were under an EIP, there would have be an association. Can this person still report the phone as stolen as a scam to get a free phone even though they no longer have a T-Mobile account associated with the device?


    Can I register the phone in my account to become the owner of the device so I can authorize an unblock request if such a thing were to happen? I have heard many horrible stories where people sell a phone and then file an insurance claim to get another one, leaving a blacklisted device for the buyer. I know that the phone cannot be blocked for nonpayment since the phone has been paid in full, but it can still be reported as stolen and my understanding is that only the original owner of the phone can request an unblock.



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