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    Iphone 6 won't connect to 4G or LTE...EDGE Only

      Here's a little back story...


      I got my ip6 about a month ago.


      -On initial power up, data was Edge only. The rep suspected the sim card and replaced it immediately with another. The other rep then informed my person that activations were behind and that it would take a few hours to come off Edge. I was connected fine the next morning (to LTE).


      -Over the next two weeks, I noticed I had constant cycling between Edge, 4G, and LTE. Sometimes I'd have full service LTE and then immediately switch to Edge (or 4G), then back to LTE, before finally staying on 4G or Edge (until airplane mode activation or reboot).


      -I took the phone back to the Tmo company store and advised the rep of what was going on. At this point, I'd already tried resetting my network settings and a full factory reset. They suspected the sim card and issued me a new one. I still had the same issue after leaving for the next 24 hours.


      -The next day, I came across a post stating to disble VoLTE (make LTE data only) and it seemed to have completely resolved my issues, until Dec 31,2014.


      -Over the past couple days, I've spent more time on Edge than on 4G or LTE.


      - As of this morning, I am stuck on Edge only. The phone remained on Edge throughout my entire work commute through two cities with LTE service. I've performed a network settings reset, a full factory reset, and reseated the sim card. Nothing is helping.


      All my Edge issues are occurring in places where days/hours (or sometimes minutess before), I was connected to LTE with a ~60Mbps speed.


      Also, I have a Tmo network signal repeater (sent by Tmo for another person) in the place where I work. I'm currently picking up No Service from it when everyone else around seems to be fine. I normally pickup 4G service from this repeater with no issue.



      I'm out of ideas to try now and get this resolved. I really expected the Iphone6 to be top notch but it's been one of my most frustrating experiences with a phone so far. I'd appreciate if someone could look at my account from a Tmo perspective. I'll be happy to PM a mod my information.