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    iPhone 6 WiFi Calling seems to need WiFi preferred function, or some other update to hold WiFi signal.

      Someone, correct me if I am wrong:  The iPhone 6 seems to prioritize cellular, regardless of the signal.


      The problem is that opposed to my mother and sister's phones just holding on to the WiFi signal, it seems to be jumping back and forth between WiFi and the towers.  They live in a poor signal area (according to the customer service rep), although the coverage map said they were in a good area.  Anyway, I presume that they are going from "T-mobile WiFi" to "No service" because the iPhone is constantly trying to pull in a cellular signal, but handing off to WiFi when the signal just totally disappears like the signals tend to do sometimes in spotty reception areas.  I have my old trusty Galaxy S2, and I never have the problems that they do when I am at their house. I am constantly on WiFi when visiting them, so I never imagined that they would have trouble when I suggested that they switch to T-mobile, so I assume that it has to be something going on with the IOS 8 software and T-mobile's Wifi, WiFi Calling, an/or the WiFi Handoff. 


      Consequently I got my son the ZMAX, and though he says it doesn't have the WiFi preferred option, he still doesn't have the loss of service that they have when we are visiting either. This is further evidence that something must be going on with the iPhone or its software.


      I am hoping that the Personal Cellspot will alleviate their issues, but I really believe that T-mo needs to look into this.  Has anyone else in a poor reception area experienced this issue?