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    Landlines on cellspot router?

      I used to have a T mobile Hotspot@home, and I plugged a Panasonic base unit

      into the phone jack and then had VoIP landline service from T mobile(a different phone number than

      my cellphone) on cordless phones in my house.

      That part of the router stopped working a short time ago, and

      T mobile sent me the new Cellspot Router as a replacement.

      However, there is no phone jack on the Cellspot Router.

      Is it not possible to use cordless phones with this router?

      How do I use my landline number with this new router?

      I really would like to keep a separate landline number

      in addition to my cellphone number.

      Thank you in advance.

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          Have you tried looking on Amazon or eBay for a replacement?

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            The Cellspot is not for @Home line use. (although, it can be used in conjunction with an @Home router)


            As Gramps said, you'll probably need to hunt ebay or that for a replacement router as T-Mobile no longer carries the @Home Router.


            ...I have two lying around the house somewhere and no longer have an @Home line, so I probably should think about giving them up sometime..

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              OK, thanks for the sad info. I'm not sure I want to continue the Tmobile

              @home service (which I've been paying for a while while the

              @home part of the router wasn't working) if they're not supporting the

              hardware any more. It was a cheap way to continue to have a landline, cheaper

              than Vonage.


              Thanks for your advice and experience.

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                Like the two of us said, finding the hardware elsewhere would be a great way to get you back up and running, if it's important to you.


                There have been many "solutions" people have come up with for land lines.  T-Mobile @Home has been a great solution (and there's still equipment out there and the occasional person looking to take over an @Home line).  There's someone who ported to Google Voice and is using a Raspberry Pi and Sunrocket Gizmo to do a home line with Raspbx.  Yet another person has a cell phone that sits by their cordless phone and connects to those handsets via Bluetooth.  And... well... most people have started to go the route of dropping the traditional handsets of yore and going completely cellular (the cost of kids lines on a Family Plan compared to cost of a land line -- my sister went this way and the kids get the hand-me-down phones and the parents get the upgrades).

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                  Your other option is purchasing Ooma phone which is unit that connects to your router in one of the Ethernet ports.  You can port your number(for a fee) or be assigned a new one that is free.  I use this for extra phone line and is cheap way to have another line.  Other than the up front purchase that is around $129 the monthly is just taxes.  For me the monthly is approximately $4.00/month.  I just checked on Costco's website and they are selling for $109 after $20 discount. 


                  Prior to the Ooma phone unit I did try Net Talk unit but this was not as clear/reliable.

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                           Sorry I could not respond to this sooner but I just joined....


                            A CHEAP and GREAT alternative is buy an OBIhai ( Obihai Technology - Home  )  Device, they are available for about $50 on up at Amazon and other places.... I have an older Obi110 box that plugs into my router and uses a FREE Google Voice number for calls.  Great cheap landline that has NO fees after you buy equipment.

                            I actually unplugged the phone line from the phone service box outside and ran a cord from the OBI110 box to a close phone jack and now ALL my phone jacks in the house support a regular phone... (cordless) and works great.   This is a really easy way to get a landline and OBI is a reliable company.  I have referred many to this alternative to expensive phone lines and no problems yet.  

                              There are other such alternatives out there but I use this one and CAN recommend it as a FREE landline after the initial purchase.  All you need is a broadband internet service.  Its an easy setup and worked great with the Cellspot Router.


                      Hope this helps someone!