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    I did not recieve my package?

      Sorry if this ends up being too long.

      I ordered the iPhone 6, 16 GB in gold in store 11/08, and received a text saying my ordered has shipped on 11/14. I received a tracking number and it said the scheduled delivery date was 11/20, on Thursday. On Thursday the UPS tracking info says it's "out for delivery". My package did not come that day. On Friday, the scheduled delivery updated to that day, the 21st, but the tracking went from "out for delivery" to "in transit". Of course UPS ground does not deliver on Saturday and Sunday, so I waited for Monday to see anything changed. It's been "in Transit" ever since Friday, still currently is and the shipping progress hasn't been updated since Thursday.


      I called UPS, they told me to call the shipper. I contacted tmobile customer service yesterday, they told me to wait 20 minutes to figure all of this out, they have not called me back yet. I'm just a little excited and also worried about my package. I hope it is not lost lol.

      here's the tracking # if you want to see:******


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