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    Start asking PIN-code after updating software

      Hi. I've bought used cellphone some time ago. This cell was unlocked from T-mobile. It was working good with my operator until I updated its software. Now I was asked to enter a PIN-code from T-mobile. How can I get this PIN-code from T-mobile support?

      IMEI is 359333040846455

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          What phone are you using (make & model)?


          Windows Phones, like the Nokia Lumia 710 that you posted this under, stay permanently carrier unlocked even after firmware and OS updates. Also the Lumia 710 hasn't had any updates for a really long time now, so I'm guessing you are using a different device.


          I thought all the other cell phones worked the same way (that is, they stay unlocked once unlocked). But based on your post, now I'm not so sure.