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    Works only with 4G LTE phones

      I spent several frustrating hours trying to set up the Wi-Fi CellSpot router, without success. A chat session with T-Mobile support didn't shed any light on the problem, so finally I called tech support.


      The tech agent told me the router would not work with any phone that was not 4G LTE. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone, purchased from T-Mobile -- not 4G LTE. So I guess I'm just out of luck?


      Thank goodness I didn't pay anything for the router. In this case, sad to say, it appears that I got what I paid for. I just wish the sales rep in the store had told me this was a pointless quest when I showed her my phone and got the router.

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          So, you do know there's a difference between the ROUTER and the BOOSTER, right?


          The ROUTER is a single device works with any WIFI CALLING enabled device.  It replaces the router on your current Internet setup.  When you're home, you connect to the router and use WiFi Calling.  It does not impact the cellular signal strength on your device.  The Samsung Galaxy SII is WiFi Calling enabled, so turning it on while connected to the router should get you up and running.


          The BOOSTER is a two-part device.  One part goes in a window with at least one bar of 4G service.  The other part goes somewhere else in your home to where it reads at least a 6 and boosts that 4G signal.  If you do not have a 4G enabled phone, the booster will not work for you.  The booster is designed for devices that do not have WiFi Calling -- such as BYOD or Nexus devices or older iDevices.

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            Yes, I'm aware that the Personal Wi-Fi CellSpot is a router, and not a booster, and I understand the difference between routers and boosters. And it was certainly my impression that any router would work with any Wi-Fi enabled device.


            That's why I was so surprised when the T-Mobile tech support agent told me -- without any doubt or equivocation -- that the CellSpot would not work with any phone that wasn't 4G LTE.


            It sounds as though you believe that the tech guy was wrong. It's hard for me to believe that a tech guy could be ... you know ... misguided. But what you are saying makes more sense than what he said. If so, maybe I'll try to set up the router again -- it's supposed to take 15 minutes, but I beat my head against it for hours before I sought help.

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              I would agree with your logic the tech guy is thinking you have a cell spot booster not router.  I set the router up for my wife's ex-husbands family at his house and he has a GS2 and it works fine. I ended up setting it up for them because he couldn't get it to work and the issue was his Xfinity wireless router/modem he didn't realize he had to disable the router part of the modem and tried having 2 routers on the same network which won't work and was causing his issues. Now because of his house configuration I did leave the Xfinity wireless on as an AP (Access Point) to enhance his coverage although it does slow down the system a bit because the Xfinity wireless is slower than the 1900 that's why I just replaced my entire previous router.

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                Yeah, maybe Tech Guy misunderstood and thought I said "booster" when I said "router." That can actually happen -- they get so many questions that eventually they must all sound the same.


                I'm trying to use the 1900 with my existing Netgear router -- running an Ethernet cable from my DSL modem directly into the 1900, and then another Ethernet cable from the 1900 into the Netgear router. (I want to keep my existing Wi-Fi devices connected without changing their settings, using Option 2 of the installation guide at http://tinyurl.com/nrbphzd.) The GS2 should then work with the 1900. But I can't complete the online installation of the 1900.


                I have another project, but will report back here later if there's anything to report.



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                  I've NEVER been a fan of Option 2.


                  You SHOULD be able to use the same SSID & password on the new router without having to set up all your devices again.  I do it any time I have to change routers (unless it's a new wireless technology that prevents me from using the same encryption scheme... like when I went from WEP to WPA, and that was an inevitable change.

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                    I'd like to retain the Netgear router, because it allows stronger password protection than the 1900 seems to.


                    We'll see how this sorts out. Thanks for monitoring the vital signs.

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                      The Wi-Fi CellSpot router now works. I finally called T-Mobile tech support today, and the agent walked me through exactly the same steps (with the same cable connections) I had been trying to make work for four days. On the first walk-through with the tech agent, it still didn't work, but on the second one -- no changes in procedure or connections -- it did.


                      The agent said this has happened before -- that sometimes anomalies or glitches will crop up during attempted set-up. He could not explain why the process didn't work, and then did work. Stuff happens, he said.


                      I am using the cascading setup with my existing Netgear router -- Option 2 at the Tinyurl in Response No. 4, above. No problems so far.


                      Next I'll try to set up a guest network on the CellSpot router. Meanwhile, happy Thanksgiving.

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                        Oh, yes -- the router works just fine with my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone, even though the phone isn't 4G LTE.