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    Bent iPhone cause screen to crack and cause major injuries

      So I'm to the point where I see T-Mobile just doesn't care and just wants people to file lawsuits that I have no problem doing my job offers legal teams for free so I have no problem doing that I've already spoke with them about this you guys said you'd contact me in 72 hours and my legal services told me to let you do that before we go any further so now I'm just documenting my mutiple attempts to get this resolved my iPhone 6 bent and cut the me and your agents on Facebook took it as a joke and made light of the situation so now I have to do extra steps to get you guys to do your job now I have to go file a case with the altorney General for you guys selling defective phones that causong harm to your customers the glass is extremely sharp and I have to use the phone for business every day it's not safe at all but you wont stand behind the products your selling its sad I've been loyal for some years now and I'm the one suffering in the end thank t-mobile

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          That was the longest sentence I ever read.


          On the flip side did you contact Apple to see if the can

          fix this issue?Also how long ago did you buy the phone?

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            My question is why are you threatening to sue T-Mobile when Apple is the manufacturer??  If you buy a Chevy and it has a defect that lets say causes an accident are you going to sue the local dealership who sold it to you or Chevy??


            That aside besides the obvious of that of course broken glass is sharp if the phone bent was it in a pocket?  Plus there really haven't been any reports of the "bending" issue with the 6 but rather just the 6+ and even with the 6+ bending the glass wasn't shattering but lastly get back to the point of what does T-Mobile have to do with this since it is not like they knowingly sold a phone with a known defect or active recall.


            I put this one right up there with the "McDonald's" I sued McDonald's because the coffee was hot and I spilled it on myself so now you see all McDonald's coffee cups have the warning that to beware the coffee is hot, duh. 

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              Actually both phones bend, there was a test done by someone using a certain machine and it showed that the 6+ can take more force than the iPhone 6 but in the end both are badly designed, I am just wondering how did he bend it to the point that the glass shuttered???? yes he needs to contact Apple since they are the manufacturer  and they are fully aware of this defect even when they try to be smart by saying that only 9 cases were reported